Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Business man giving dietary advice---please!!!

Edward Raver

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The Atkins Craze and Low Carb Diets

There is an old saying that puts forth the proposition that we are what we eat. In the 21st century, this takes on additional meaning due to the emergence of nutrition issues which not only impact the lives of individuals today, but also will have long term health, social, and economic effects. No better example of such an issue exists today than the so-called "low carb craze", which maintains that a diet low in carbohydrates (breads, pastas, etc) and high in proteins (meat, animal products, manufactured foods) as well as the interrelated "Atkins phenomenon" (the Atkins Diet, which advocates the low carb/high protein approach). In this paper, various facets of these issues will be discussed in an effort to better understand the present and future situation, and to draw some educated conclusions based on research.

First of all I would like to know just where he got his so called research.

When considering strictly the appearance value of the low-carb diet, one finds it to be an excellent diet program, as the elimination of carbohydrates from the diet, which convert to sugars in the human body, does in the majority of cases lead to weight loss, which of course translates into at least the appearance of a healthier individual, based on the fact that they have lost body fat and are more visually appealing to others. Moreover, the loss of weight and the resulting positive body image in the eyes of the dieter usually makes the individual feel more positive about themselves, boosting self esteem, which in turn can equal more success in careers, interpersonal relationships, hobbies, and the like (Gabel, et al 2002). Beyond the faƧade of an apparently healthy person, however, are more serious, and negative consequences to fathom.

Appearance of a healthier person---shoot yeah I'm healthier---never more healthy in my entire life. The way he talks obese people are just slugs and when they lose weight they magically transform into something society can stand so they then are able to feel good about themselves.

The low carb craze itself is motivated and nurtured by societal trends that are as revealing about the values of modern society as any psychological study that has ever been conducted. Overall, few would argue that the modern society holds beauty, or at least an appearance of health, as one of the most positive attributes a person can possess. When we meet other people, or describe someone to other people, we usually use their physical appearance as the basis of the evaluation or description before taking the time to get to know the person inside of the physical body (Miller, 2000).

I do agree with him here that society judges people by their looks.

While it is true that the Atkins Diet resulted in weight loss for millions and millions of people, its long term effects are questionable. In fact, Dr. Atkins himself died suddenly some years ago, and while his public relations machine attributed his death to brain damage from a fall, the rumor has it that he had a massive heart attack, likely brought on by his own diet program (Miller, et al, 2000).

Here we go again---can't produce facts for your arguments so attack Dr Atkins personally. He did die as a result of the fall. Why do we have to continue pointing that out. Stop attacking the man and READ his book.

He then goes way off on a tangent about engineering of foods if the low carb craze talks hold in the 21st century.
If he truly had a concept of what the low carb eating plan entails---he would see that there would be no need of engineered foods---we prefer whole foods---meats, eggs, fruits and veggies---clearly a balanced diet---we just don't eat carbs.

In his bio--he states he is a history buff---well he needs to look into the way humans ate for 10,000 years---long before agriculture came into being. But my point in all this---is what the heck does a self proclaimed business man know about cellular biology---which is the science behind the low carb eating plan.