Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can You GAIN Weight After WLS

Well folks I don't want to burst your bubble, but this happens quite frequently. Most people who have surgery try to go back to eating "normal". First off let me say---once you have WLS--you are never normal----your entire life has to changed. Like with any "diet" you have to change how you look at food. For me food was always a source of comfort. I used it to make me feel better.

You have to follow the rules that were layed out by your surgeon and the bariatric center. Now follow up varies widely from center to center. First and foremost you need to listen to your doc. But as time goes by you learn to listen to your body. We all react different to the surgery in general. But with work on your part----and you must work on it ---you will be successful.

The biggest problems I run into with my online friends is their continued reliance on prepackaged foods and carbs. Most tend to head for the chips or sweets when dealing with stress. I'm a big believer in a low carb eating plan. It attributed to my losing my weight quickly and being able to maintain it. Except recently when I have had a 30 lbs gain---but will share that in another post.

I've run across many who are losing very slowly or have started regaining weight without ever hitting their goal. The common thread is they all eat way to many carbs. Some think I'm a little fanatical about the low carb lifestyle. But it works for me. I'm not the exercise hound many of them are. I don't count calories. I very seldom even weigh myself---shoot I don't even own a scale. When I'm hungry I eat. I did the low fat diet/ low calorie diet before and stayed hungry all the time which in turn leads to binge eating.

I'm even running into fellow WLSers over on low carb boards--trying to get a handle on their weight. So don't go thinking that WLS is the easy way out. It takes just as much and on some levels more work than other eating plans AKA diets. The key is making lifetime changes.

As for me---I sure didn't have my insides rearranged just to gain the weight back.