Monday, March 12, 2007

My 30 lb Weight Gain

I've been telling you I would share about this. So here goes. This past year has been very trying for me due to a number of factors. But first a little back ground.
Due to the mal-absorption issues related to having WLS----medications can sometimes not be absorbed properly. Kinda difficult when you are on a truck load of psych meds. At the beginning of the year I went into a huge manic phase. My therapist kept telling me I was getting sick but I felt it was because I was feeling better since losing 200+ lbs. I was getting out more, living life, having a ball. But as with the pendulum that is classic for Bipolar---it swings both ways. As they say what goes up must come down. My sweet grandmother---who was 107--passed away in July and this triggered a downward spiral--along with me returning carbs to my diet---but more on that in a minute. I finally hit the wall and had to be hospitalized. I ended up staying in the hospital for a month. Over the time of my downward spiral I gained 30 lbs ina very short period of time.

When my grandmother passed away--I lost my appetite completely. My primary care doc convinced me to add some carbs back into my diet----yeah---I know ----why do we do this to ourselves---I knew better---but just wasn't thinking at the time. Once I began down that long road paved with carbs----all the old cravings resurfaced. I was like a heroin addict---couldn't wait for my next fix. I was living on carbs---eating very little protein and my depressive symptoms were getting worse and worse. It wasn't long until I could do nothing but eat(carbs mind you) and sleep. This is when my pdoc decided I needed to be hospitalized.
Luckily for me---the dietitian at the psych hospital was very familiar with WLS. She devised a very strict low carb eating plan. So I went through a forced carb detox. Within a week my depression had lifted to the point I could function. My pdoc was able to find a good combination of meds for me also. But I feel in my heart the carbs are what landed me in the hospital.
So now here I am back to my low carb eating plan and completely stable. I still have the extra 30 lbs but I'm working on getting those off slowly but surely.
I know there is research out there about how carbs affect your mental status---but Im living proof of how good life can be when your are---to steal a phrase from a fellow blogger and firm believer in eating low carb--Jimmy Moore---Livin' La Vida Low Carb.


Sherrie said...

Hello I just came across your blog.

I had no idea low carb was so popular for people that have WLS!

I also wanted to say that I think you look fantastic and have come a long way.

My other half has been having a huge battle as well. Turns out they think he has bipolar but its a type 2 where the high isn't as high and the lows last longer, or something like that. One of his meds is zyprexa so keeping a close eye on him, so far he seems okay with it. The horrible prothiaden they had him on before seemed to show more obvious signs of blood sugar problems.

Anyway just wanted to say high and that I think you have come a long way!


Sherrie :)

BamaGal said...

Thanks for the compliment Sherri---I have your blog in my favs---

Very familiar with the Bipolar type 2----hypomania---some mixed episodes---Zyprexa is good but all the atypicals cause problems with the blood sugars---so low carb is the way to go---

Sherrie said...

Because hes with me hes been generally eating low carbish at home for 5 years now, not atkins induction low though.

Since they gave him prothiaden though he has changed a little with his eating, I am glad hes not on it anymore but still hard for him to keep motivated atm.

Hes been on Zyprexa for a month, Edromax for 1.5 weeks and lithium for half a week so I guess their effects won't be known yet.

I was reading some of your earlier posts just before where you said this: I told him ---haven't you heard---"there's a fine line between genius and insanity---I just crossed that line"

I will have to show him that :)

Cheers :)

BamaGal said...

Sherrie---you will see the quote at the top of my blog--

"There has never been any great genius without a spice of madness"

That is my motto---show that to your man. He'll get a kick out of it.

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