Friday, March 9, 2007

My Journey

My life has taken many roads to lead to where I am at now. But one of the tools that has helped me along the way was gastric bypass surgery---or WLS. Back in May of 2004 I underwent laprosopic RNY WLS. I went from weighing 375 lbs to a nice goal of 130. Pretty good huh. Well let me tell you it has been a difficult time. Contrary to popular belief---WLS is not the easy way out. It takes a lot of hard work on my part and the complications have not been too good.

The nature of the surgery ---for those who aren't familiar with it--is to cut your stomach into two parts. The pouch is the size of an egg and the rest is just left there. Then they bypass part of your intestine. The bypass part makes it a mal-absorption procedure. This coupled with the fact that you can not eat much at one time because of the pouch is the science behind the weight loss.

It was the mal-absorption part that has been difficult for me. It makes it difficult to get medications absorbed properly. As well as many nutrients. My psych meds have had to be adjusted over the course of time. And I've had some bouts of my iron being to low. And don't even get me started on the calcium issue---I now suffer from osteoporosis. Bet your thinking---sheesh D why in the world would anyone willingly do that to themselves. Sounds like it's not worth it. But for me the surgery was worth it. These ailments I have are much better to control in a thinner body than a morbidly obese body. I'll take these over the health problems I had prior to surgery. Insulin dependent diabetes, high blood pressure, unstable Bipolar disorder, triglycerides through the roof, shortness of breath, nearly in a wheelchair to get around, and a host of others co-morbidities.

Now I workout at least 30 minutes per day doing something---hate exercise but I'm working on it. I'm able to breathe easily. I no longer require and meds for diabetes, blood pressure or lipid problems. My Bipolar disorder is much more stable---not as many cycles as before. So all around I'm in better health.

One of the things that helps me keep on an even keel is my diet----sheesh I hate that word---so that's probably the last time you will see me use it. It is not a diet ---for diet in my mind is something done on a short term basis. The way I eat will be for my lifetime. So what is the big deal you ask. Well part of me is afraid to tell you---but I will---it is the low carb life ala Atkins diet----ooops there's that word again. Some of you are probably screaming---but low carb is not good for you long term---BUT it is the recommended way of eating for those having undergone WLS. Yep if we want to be successful long term we must stick with a low carb eating plan. But I will cover that in another post.

So this is only part of who I am. Stick around to learn the rest.