Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Low Carb Life

As a long time carb addict and yoyo dieter, I have finally found an eating plan that I can stick with for the rest of my life. I had WLS back in May 2004 and the recommended eating plan was a low carb one. I call it WLS Protein Power eating. We have to get a minimum of 64 gms of protein in each day. This for me is divided up over a couse of six small meals----since I try to maintain less than 30 gms of carbs my weight loss was fairly rapid---in 18 months I had lost 240 lbs. But have since regained 30 of those lost---so now my weight sits at 160. But that will require another post to explain in detail.
I essentialy follow a paleo diet---I'm a good cook so all my meals are prepared at home. This way I control what goes in my body. I tend to eat more whole foods than I ever had in my life. Protein in the form of delicios mouth watering meat is the mainstay of my life. Very few veggies are consumed and even fewer fruits. but my labs are excellent so that is that matters to me.
When my family found out that what I would be eating---they had the typical reaction----you can't eat that way---it is unhealthy for you. But they watched in awe as the pounds melted away. But they constantly cautioned that I was missing vital nutrients and would end up having a heart attack because of all the fat I was taking in.
Now not all of those who have WLS are able to eat the higher fst content as I can it brings about many side effects for them. but some of them are able to eat carbs and sugar without a problem. Then they want to know why they are gaining. I can't eat sugar and most of the typical higher carb items such as the whole grain things. I am able to eat legumes on occassion but the tend to cause weight gain. The others make me deathly ill. I ended up in the ER my first year post op after eating rice. This is called "dumping syndrome"so for me I live behind the fear of these symptoms and stay away from carbs.
So many of my online friends are still stuck on the idea of low-fat low-calorie way of eating----talk about hard to follow---with all their so called healthy white meat chicken with no flavor. I'm a food addict. I need flavor. So give ma juicy piece of ribeye smothered in herbed butter and I'm a happy camper.
They are also against any type of snacking----being an emotional eater that just doesn't work for me. I still do what they call snacking---but I turn to deviled eggs or a few olives or a handful of walnuts or even a dill pickle.
I'm also not a calorie counter. I eat until I'm full---which doesn't take much 2 deviled eggs and I'm through. I'm constantly being told I'll regain my weight if I don't start counting my calories. Except for this 30 lbs---story to come on that---I've maintained my weight loss without having to obsess about every little morsel I put in my mouth. When you live the low carb lifestyle you don't have to worry about calories.
Another advantage to my low carb lifestyle---and it's the most important one in my book----my mood swings are more stable. Is everyday perfect---no Bipolars life ever is--but I can atest to the fact that doing away with carbs plays a major role in keeping me on an even keel each day. Actually it was my pdoc who recommended the WLS in the first place. When you suffer from a psychiatric disorder such a s Bipolar---and huge medical problems like I did---diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia---when one of them is out of sync they all are.
On the many forums I visit there are countless others whose psych disorders /symptoms are decreased remarkably by living a low carb life. Now if that is not a testament to the positive effects of low carb---I don't know what is.