Saturday, March 10, 2007

No More Panic Attacks

A couple of months ago I was given the cutest little ball of fur---he looked so much like a grizzly bear cub so I named him Bear---a pretty big name for such a little tyke. He has been Goddess sent to me on so many levels---but since he came into my life---I no longer have panic attacks. My panic attacks used to be so disabling I ended up in the ER or more than one occasion thinking I was having a heart attack. Scary huh----bet your bottom dollar they're scary. I f you have never experienced one first hand then you are unable to comprehend how bad they can be,

He's just like having a little kid around. What with the teething, and potty training and teaching him not to bite. Plus there is the added bonus that he gets me outside 4 times a day for exercise.
We walk the outter rim of the property line and it a quarter mile around. Then there is always the game of fetch. Is it the sunshine that is helping me to feel better or the exercise or both. Of course it's the combination of the two.
I remember when I was hodpitalized the past two times---pet therapy was part of our treatment. I looked forward to those visits each week. There is such a calming effect when dealing with animals. Just stoking thir fur you can feel life's pressures just slip out of you body.


Suzique said...

Awww....Bear is adorable! I used to have panic attacks, too. No one who hasn't had one can appreciate how awful they are. Good for you and bear! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, adorable. Is he a schipperke? The hair looks way too long, but he has a classic schipperke face!