Friday, March 9, 2007

Where to Start

Hello my name is Diane and I'm a blog junkie. For years now I have been addicted to online blogs. I read about anything and everything. There is so much info out there in cyberworld that just calls out for my attention.
I have been amazed, astounded, ticked off, tearful, joyful---plainly put ---emotional. But I'm and emotional type of gal. It's lucky I live alone or they would surely cart me back to the psych ward. I've been known to yell and scream at some of the things I've read. I've cried along with some and died laughing with others. I'm a big time science geek and get a kick out of all the latest research to be found.
So after so much time spent reading some one's story and observations---I've decided why not share my own. I'm a long time journaler so a lot of the posts may be in a rambling mode---I sooo tend to do that. You may not always agree with what I have to say---but tough cookies---I get to say them.
First off--where in the world did I come up with the title. It is kinda an ongoing thing between me and my dad. Years ago I was hospitalized because of my ongoing fight with bipolar disorder. On his first visit my dad made the comment as to why someone so smart would end up in those dire straits. I told him ---haven't you heard---"there's a fine line between genius and insanity---I just crossed that line" And his reply to me was---"well come on back across the line now" It has stuck, even after all these years. Whenever my family sees me getting way out there----showing symptoms of getting "sick"---that's what they tell me. I do the same thing when the consumers (consumers are mental health patients) I work with get symptomatic.
So sit back and enjoy the ride---it could be a bumpy one---but no journey is ever easy.