Wednesday, April 11, 2007

100 cal Snack Packs

Okay everyone---y'all know how I feel about too many carbs in my food plan. I'm for eating whole foods--not prepackaged junk---I even make my own BBQ sauce and ketchup. But to my point. On one of the WLS surgery boards I frequent--LAWLS--we had a long drawn out discussion about these so-called healthy snacks. Alot of the people there thought they were a good idea--but then they also think graham crackers are a nice treat for the kids. I just do not believe in it. It is only a big ploy by the marketing companies to get you to eat this garbage.

But I'm gonna let my friend- the Fuming Fugi-- over at Mark's Daily Apple---share his views.

This is my favorite quote---

Almost respecting the body is still disrespecting it.

So this gal will not disrespect her body with this garbage.


Cindy said...

Haven't checked recently, but at least until a few months ago, these all contained trans-fat. That alone makes them dangerous.