Thursday, April 5, 2007

Back To The Basics

A group of my buddies over in the LAWLS Neighborhood have a challenge going on this month. We are getting back to the basics. A bunch are trying to detox from carbs by following Atkins Induction for the month. Many of us have had the dreaded weight gain that tends to happen post WLS. It is directly linked to adding carbs back into our eating plan. While others in the maintenance phase have committed to be mindful of just what they are eating. Then others who have joined are still in the losing phase but have stalled because of the carb intake.

As I've stated in previous posts carbs can be a downfall for me. But alot of it goes back to the emotional eating so many of us experience. Prior to WLS, we "stuffed" our emotions with food. Mostly in the form of high trans-fat, sugary, or carb laden food. But that is only a quick fix. You get into that vicious cycle of needing more and more carbs to give you the emotional high. They have also shown in studies just how returning to carbs leads many to regain the weight they have lost.

So we are all getting back to the basics of weight loss surgery. Eating plenty of protein first, getting in lots of water, no snacking, and making sure we exercise. Over at LAWLS we call these our Four Power Tools. If you stick to these four rules you can and will be successful at your weight loss.

By doing this together we are supporting one another in our efforts. But the real key is we are holding each other accountable. No body can do this for us. We have to make the decision to follow the basics so we may be successful. This is the key point of our "Empowerment Philosophy". Here is an exert of it:

The first step to personal empowerment is personal responsibility. LivingAfterWLS holds individuals accountable for making their weight loss surgery successful. When individuals take responsibility they feel liberated and motivated to invest personal equity in their success.

So are you feeling empowered. Maybe it's time for you to get back to the basics. Only you can control your fork. Your success lies totally within yourself. And helps to have friends to share it with.