Friday, April 13, 2007


Fatblogging(TM)---just what in the sam hill is this...
I first encountered this term on a blog I read--- The Incredible Shrinking Ladies . They believe in it so much they started an entire site devoted to it called The Diet Pulpit . This is how they describe what they hope to achieve there.

We are on a mission to spread the word of health, happiness, and humor,
forgive all diet transgressions, overcome temptations, and to help you reach
your goals! Remember it's health that matters, not size. Hallelujah!

So where did the term Fatblogging(TM) come from....well the phrase was first coined by Jason Calacanis. You can check him out at But here are his words to describe what Fatblogging(TM) really is:

FatBlogging is not associated with any services--it's a blogging
movement where you post about your diet/exercise on your blog and tag it
fatblogging. That's it. We ask that you do it daily, but that is a goal not

Fablogging is *not* a competition, it's a lifestyle.

What a concept huh-----scores of people from all walks of life linked via the WWW in an effort to better their health. Also the ladies at The Diet Pulpit believe in health at any size. I like that idea. You don't have to be a size 0 to be healthy or any other single digit number for that matter.

Bet you're thinking--come on---you wanted to lose weight so bad, you had your gut rearranged. Yeah, I did. Because I am 5'2" and weighed nearly 400lbs. Could barely walk. Short of breath all the time. Diabetes running rampant--requiring multiple insulin injections everyday. High blood pressure through the roof--3 types of meds here. Lipid profiles, triglycerides, cholesterol, etc, were a nightmare---3 meds used here. I was a ticking time bomb.
I had tried diet after diet after no avail. The old yo-yo syndrome. I would lose weight only to gain it back and then some. I was a bulimic, binge eater, carb-a-holic mess. So after much researching, I chose to have WLS. At 160 lbs, according to the BMI charts, I'm still considered "overweight". Not too far from the "obese" category either. I'd really like to be in the "normal" category---but I'm not gonna get obsessive about it. When I make good food choices, get out and move this body. I feel that I'm winning the fight.
And just so you'll know, I'm no longer on any of those meds as before---well except my psych meds----and who could survive without them.

Size to me has nothing to do with health. I know plenty of people who are considered normal weight but they are so sickly. I also know of some pretty large size people who can run circles around their smaller counterparts and never had more than a sniffle. Too many folks equate weight with health and they would be wrong. I could really go off on a rant here but I will leave that for another post.

There are some out there who just don't "believe" in the concept of Fatblogging(TM). They call it "fatspam". I say that is only their opinion and we all know what they say about opinions....

I applaud anyone who wants to better themselves and it doesn't matter which road they take. So I'll be joining those who are into Fatblogging(TM). It keeps my mind focused on why I had WLS in the first place. Also it helps me focus on where I am going and to enjoy the ride, just not focus on the destination.

You miss alot of life's scenery that way.....


Lady Rose said...

Thank you so much for visiting our blog and posting about us. You are one awesome Lady and an inspiration. I look forward to stopping by here often. I noticed you have some recipes - perhaps you would be interested in submitting one or to to our blog carnival of reborn (healthy) recipes. Have a wonderful day! Lady Rose

BamaGal said...

Thank you for stopping by---I visit your sites frequently---love the recipe source also...

Spider63 said...

Let's all promote somebody's trademarked word, so that eventually he can collect some money from the idea. Sooner or later, somebody will buy it. Let me jump on that bandwagon ASAP!

Spider63 said...

If you are dieting, exercising, and otherwise engaged in losing weight, then it is whatever you want it to be. I certainly do not want to be "branded" so that some schmuck can make a few bucks off his trademark at some point in the future.

I certainly appreciate that you want to be a part of some kind of movement, but the bigger picture to me is living a healthy life!

BamaGal said...

Spider63---I appreciate your opinions--and they are valid to a point--I'm not promoting the word---but the spirit behind it
as someone who was super morbidly obese for the majority of my life---I enjoy the sense of belonging and accountablity fatblogging provides
when you are obese you feel isolated--always wanted to belong--withthis many who would have otherwised given up hope will want to be involved--
Yes the bigger picture is to live a healthier life for anyone--but statistics have shown any hope of attaining this requires support---this is only one means of support

Rick said...

Somebody else may have coined it, but we have the ORIGINAL site! We're just a bunch of guys banding together to drop some pounds. Check us out some time if you get a chance. Lady Rose is a regular over there.