Thursday, April 26, 2007


I should have done this earlier this week, but had more pressing matters. I had no weight loss when I hit the scales on Monday. You would think that with all the extra heavy yard work I've been doing lately---some weight would have dropped. But at least it's not a gain.

I've joined up with the website Fat Fighting Bloggers, if you are interested in anything to do with weight loss you need to check it out. There are a variety of sites listed dealing from WLS to fitness and exercise to various diets to fat acceptance.

I live out in the country. Not too far from my house are some great family owned fruit and veggie stands. We also have some local U-Pick-Em farms. I can't wait for them to really get up and going later on in the year. Nothing better to me than some good old fresh veggies and fruits. A couple of my favs are the blueberry and strawberry farms. Nothing better than a nice bowl of fresh berries with some cream. It won't be too long until I break out the ice cream maker and mix up a batch of low carb sugar free ice cream. YUMMY....

I'm still doing my water yoga and water aerobics at the Y. They have even opened the outside pool. The water is still a little chilly but it's great to be able to get some laps in, then hit the steam room. It does wonders for my back and knee pain. I've been able to decrease my pain med to only 1/2 tablet a day.

Well that's it for this week---we'll just have to wait and see what the dreaded scale has to say on Monday....