Friday, April 20, 2007

My Heart Goes Out to ALL of the Victims.....

I have been stunned at all the info that is coming out about the tragedy at VA Tech. It was just awful. There are so many different points of view swirling around on the web.

I have been very open about my mental illness. I have received some odd comments from people who just didn't know any better it seems. In my search of my mind to try and put my thoughts down--I've been searching some of the other blogs I read each day. I found the most well written post---I could not have said things any better---shoot I'm no where near being a writer. So please take time to check out this link--- The College Mental Health Crisis ---here is an exert from the post:

From everything I've seen and read, Cho was totally alone in a community of
25,000 students. How does this happen? When should college administrators have
intervened? When should they have determined that his behavior wasn't
acceptable? When should they have demanded he receive help in order to remain on campus?

How do parents who are from a culture so very different from ours,
recognize that their child is in dire straights? How do they seek help for an
illness that is so stigmatic and "shameful" in a culture where "shame" is a
"dirty" word?

Susan Bernard is a consumer/survivor and a published author. Her writings are wonderful. She really put words to feels I've been having ever since this happened.

Once again my heart goes out to ALL of the families involved in this terrible tragedy. I hope the students of this fine institution will be able to mourn and regain part of their sense of safety taken away that day.

Blessed be.....