Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New WLS Support Link Added

Hey all my fellow WLS folks---I have found a new site out there in cyberdom. It is called Renewed Reflections. The founder is Craig 'Big-T' Thompson. He had his surgery in May 1997. They have alot to offer over there. Recipes, a Messageboard Forum, great articles, info about different surgeries. He has the most helpful book available for those with insurance company problems.

I found the members on the forum to be very supportive and caring. The forum is not only for WLS people---they welcome anyone who is looking to better their life by losing weight---no matter what route you choose to take.

One thing I really like about the site is the insight Craig has into the whys and what fors of getting obese in the first place. This is quote directly from Craig---

The weight wasn’t the problem… I WAS !! Yep, the grey matter between my ears was the real problem.

Being very into the mental health of people---myself included---the articles or Reflections, as they are called are right on the money. It is great to see that I am not the only one who has gone through some of the many changes after having WLS.

So I urge you to go on over there and take a look---you won't be sorry. I know I wasn't.