Monday, April 2, 2007

Obesity Epidemic.....

The only way you will not have heard of the great obesity epidemic world-wide is if you have been living in a cave. It is all over the news. Everywhere you look there is something about obesity.
Scientists are looking for the next new diet cure for obesity. People are looking for the next new fad to lose weight. But how far are we to go in our quest to cure obesity?
Of course there is the much herald weight loss wonder pill that gives you the chronic case of the poops. Then there is the ever tiring calorie in calorie out theory---yeah right. Then there are the many super duper abd blaster, thigh master, and other various torture machines. But an article I found on the net today just really takes the cake--low carb of course.....

Dutch hope to invent foods that prevent obesity

INVENT foods???? What the...????
Have we gotten to the point that we are so desperate we need to rely on manufactured foods? Yeah, yeah, I know there are wonderful genetically manufactured foods out there. To some point I agree with them---prevent disease, hardier crops and all that. But do we really need more chemicals to help us do it??

"We are working on certain food ingredients, which provoke more satiety than others do on the long run, so that our partners can use them in food manufacturing,"
"These products should trigger satiety and stop us eating more and more. They should also meet our dietary requirements, have a very good taste and be enjoyable to eat,"

Here is a key point...."Foods that provide satiety.....stop us from eating more." Well I've got a wonderful natural product that help do that. It is called FAT. Yeah that's right good old yummy delicious fat. Animal fat is most definitely the tastiest way I know of to curb my appetite and help me eat less. But will also provide vital things a human body HAS to have to live off of.
I know since I had WLS and began following a low carb eating plan, I get full easily. Bet you're thinking....yeah but your tummy is smaller too so of course you get full easily. Sure you are right about that, but I went off plan and gave into the carb monster for several months. I was never full. I constantly ate and ate and ate. Never feeling satisfied. Gained a ton of weight in the process too. Once I "detoxed" myself from those terrible carbs and got back to eating good old wonderful fat laden meat, I could stay full for hours.
Yesterday is a prime example. I had a glorious fatty chuck roast that I cooked in the crock pot for over 14 hrs, smothered in onions and carrots and turnips. Stewing in a lip smacking au jus. seasoned to perfection. I over stuffed myself for lunch with a huge portion. For me a huge portion is 3 or 4 oz. I couldn't even think of food until after 8pm last night. I had to force myself to eat some low carb yogurt with added walnuts, just so I could take my meds.

But the critical point of this article can be found in the last few sentences.

"Twenty years ago, the industry was only interested to sell as much as possible. That has changed, the industry now feels responsibility to respond to the health situation,"
"On the other hand, such innovative products have higher margins than those of selling a tomato or a bottle of milk."

AH HA!!! Now we get to the nitty gritty of it, margins, the all powerful, mighty bottom line. Making a profit is their main goal.
Well for me they can keep their engineered foods. I'll stick to good old whole, natural, food to keep me healthy and satisfied.


Cindy said...

I saw this a few days ago. For those that are looking for fast, easy and cheap these foods will be well received. For those of us that are trying to minimise processed foods, this just makes us more determined to stick with whole natural foods.

The latest trans-fat replacement, interesterified fat, is really scarey.

"Interesterified fat was found to depress the level of HDL (good cholesterol) more than trans fat.

In addition, interesterified fat raised blood glucose levels and depressed the level of insulin. This strongly suggests that interesterified fat could lead to diabetes." mention the saiety and cravings? That is the reason I keep coming back to low carb!! I've also done the "let's try some 'normal' foods for a while"...and every time ended out of control, trying to satify the hunger! That deep down, empty pit feeling, like you haven't eaten in 3 days, but it's only been a couple hours (or less).

With low carb I eat plenty of veggies....well, plenty in my book...and I eat all kinds of meat/fish/fowl. Tonight it was orange roughy, tomorrow it's chicken wings and thighs, the next probably beef....or shrimp....or eggs! I even bought a duck that I'm going to roast! (And looking forward to try using the duck fat in cooking!)

BamaGal said...

Cindy---thanks for sharing this info---it just scares me with all the manufactered foods they keep coming up with-----