Friday, April 6, 2007

The Perfect Steak

Alright everyone---as you can see from my recipes---I love to cook. Maybe that's one reason I ballooned up to nearly 400 lbs---but that's not what this post is about.
I can cook just about anything I put my mind to. Everything from chittlins' (yeah those) to chocolate souffle. But the one thing I never cook at home and is one of my favorite meals---the almighty steak.

Succulent---juicy----melt in your mouth steak. Now I like my steak a little on the rare side. My dad likes to joke about it too. He said just show the steak a picture of a fire and I'd eat it. Not far from being wrong either. When I try---and that is the optimum word here---TRY to cook a steak at home---it comes out more like shoe leather than succulent and juicy.

I bet you're thinking---the title of this post is the perfect steak---and she's saying she can't cook one---so how is she gonna tell us how?? That is the thing about cyberspace----you can find out just about anything you ever wanted to know.

I recently stumbled across a nice blog called Everyday Weekender Where everyday is the weekend… It is a vast variety of topics---but the most recent one had to do with grilling the perfect steak-- Cooking A Juicy Steak To Perfection

So I'm heading out to the store to pick up some juicy thick steaks and some charcoal no gas grill for me thanks---and treat my parents and big sis and her hubby to dinner tonight. I'll be freezing my tushy off---what's left of it anyway---it's cold as the dickins' here in Bama---but it will so be worth it.....


Cindy said...

Cool! I'm not big on grilling, but when I do it's not gas!

Suzique said...

Yum! Let us know how it turns out! Here's my grilling secret--rub both sides of your steak with mustard (yep, plain old yellow mustard) and garlic, then pierce it thoroughly with a fork all over. The mustard, in the grilling process, seems to seal in juices and takes on a grilled flavor--you can't taste mustard at all. That's my Bama-girlhood steak secret!

Holly said...

Used to love grilling, sometimes I still do. I have to watch it though, some pieces of meat will still hang me up and I'll end up very sick.

I was surfing and glad to see your blog, girl. I have been on LAWLS in a long time. I have a hard time keeping up with the threads (stupid, hm?) but I have ohhhhh so many questions to ask you. email me. Or I will email you.