Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring Is Here

Well it is the first of April and the April showers got a head start, moving in late last night. At least April came in less violent than March did. We had severe tornadoes the first of March---several kids were killed in a storm that hit in south Alabama.
The pollen has been terrible these past few weeks---my poor truck is yellow instead of blue. With this rain maybe that will clear some of that stuff out of the air. We have had a particularly dry spell as of late. The weather has been great--with temps nearly 90 already this year. But I hate it when it gets so dry. For one the price of produce sky rockets---but I've got a little veggie garden. But it costs an arm and a leg to keep it watered. So the price ends up being about the same than if I hit the farmers market. But it so much fun gardening and that makes it worth it to me.
I've got several varieties of leaf lettuce, broccoli, collards, onions, tomatoes. I also planted a rosemary shrub this year. I use alot of fresh herbs in my cooking so I have a windowsill herb garden. But rosemary will survive outside in our climate zone. I use alot of rosemary---plus it smells so good.

I love Spring in the south with all the flowers blooming. It is serene. A reawakening, rebirth. After a long winter---well not too much winter weather here--but it still makes you want to get out and about.
I've been doing some spring cleaning the past few days. Getting my house open and aired out. Changing out all the thick drapes and heavy throws for something brighter more airy and cheerful. Finally putting away all my winter stuff and changing out my wardrobe. Time to start working on my tan ---summer is just around the corner.

Here's hoping everyone is enjoying their spring and the promise of new beginnings it brings.


Cindy said...

Pollen is high here in NC too! Luckily I'm not allergic, but so many people I know are!

Rainy off and on all day, but thankfully, no thunder and lightning! Last week we had some horrible storms! I swear lightning hit somewhere close! Knocked out the power for about 3 hrs and cable (internet!) for 2 days!!

I love spring tho! All the trees are in bloom, the daffodils and tulips are out! Yippee!!

BamaGal said...

Cindy--I think I would miss the internet more than the power!! I'msuch a cyber junkie....

My sis has terrible allergies---so the rain has done wonders for her.

Cindy said...

On any other night, I would agree....but both Jericho and Lost were on that night. I had to watch them with broadcast tv!

LOL I am a horrible computer junkie.

BamaGal said...

Jericho--I would have missed---but Lost--just haven't been able to get into that one...

but spending nearly 12 hrs a day on the net----I would say I'm just a wee bit hooked----