Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stuck On Stupid

Some people are just stuck on stupid --as we say down south----when it comes to nutrition and what is the right and wrong way to eat. A prime example of what NOT to do can be found here...Christopher Wanjek---speaking out against the Atkins's diet---or his idea of what the Atkins's diet is---which is totally wrong...

Yeah sure back in the day, prior to my WLS, I did the Atkins's diet the wrong way---the pork rinds (skins--as we call them in the south), tons of bacon, bologna, eggs, cheese, no veggies. Shoot I even made a "bread" pudding out of the skins. But that is not what the Atkins's diet is all about. When a low carb approach is actually followed the right way---you eat far better than just meat, eggs, and cheese. I've never spent so much time in the produce aisle as I do now.

Scott over at Modern Forager had a some well chosen words for the writer of this article--I sure hope he gets some feedback from the man.

Here is my favorite quote from his response----

if people would simply eat foods that don't come with a Nutrition Facts label
and a list of health claims, they would likely be eating the right things.
Macronutrient content matters little if you're eating meat, vegetables, nuts,
fruit, and tubers. The body will naturally regulate intake with nutrient-dense,
satiating foods. Eat from the above five groups of whole, natural foods and
Atkins, Ornish, Sears, et al will be out of business. Of course, so will all of
the nutritionists...keeping us confused about what to eat is good for business,
even if it's not good for our waistlines.

Regina Wilshire at Weight of Evidence also had a good post about this same article---she responded as only she can. Good scientific proof to debunk what the article had to say, as usual.

For me I will keep doing what helped me lose 200+ lbs...the low carb life...the only life for me....without it...well I would be ...well...dead...


"Dootz" said...

More power to you, my bipolar sister!



Cindy said...

Stuck on stupid! I love it!!