Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Okay---weight this week is much better. I dropped a pound. I know only one pound but that is better than none. Food choices have been good. Staying on the lower end of the carb scale---averaging around 30gms a day.

As for as exercise goes---I'm not too big on an organized routine of exercise. I do go to my water yoga twice a week right on schedule...but as far as anything else goes---nahhhh. I have been doing alot of work outside in the yard. It gets pretty then end of the day I'm so pooped all I do is take a hot bath and crash.

My plan is to keep on the way I have been. Although am having some issues with not getting enough fiber---but that is an old thing with me. Will just increase my fiber supplement to twice a day, no biggie....

That's it for this week...on to other things...