Monday, May 7, 2007


Well another weigh in day. I lost another pound. Not too shabby. As long as I keep true to my eating plan I'm so much happier. Before I know it I'll be back down to my lowest weight I had since my WLS. I want to hit the 130 mark. I believe for my height ---I'm a short thing of 5'2"---that is a reasonable goal.

I'm looking into having a tummy tuck done. Keep having to postpone my first appointment with the plastic surgeon. Something is always coming up. I've had some back problems due to the abundance of hanging skin on my abdomen. The neuro doc my PCP sent me to firmly believes if the excess skin is removed my back pain will be minimal. Right now they have me wearing this cumbersome support garment doohickey. It's just a glorified girdle, close to what they use in pregnant women to support them. It's a pain in the tushy to wear but it does what it's suppose to do.

Eating has been good this past week. It has been so hot here, haven't done too much cooking. Although I did grill out a few times. Found this awesome recipe over at Everyday Weekender for Cedar Plank Salmon---fabtabulous---and soooo easy to do. I even used this frozen whole fillet I got from Wal-mart. Since Saturday was Cinco de Mayo I did some fajitas on the grill, beef and chicken.

Exercise is never too good. I despise any real formal type of exercise. I get enough moving around in my day to day life. With all the house cleaning and yard work I obsess about, why do I need to do any weight training or stuff---throwing around heavy loads of manure, mulch, potting soil beats the heck out of going to the gym. I really need to find my podometer to see just how many steps I take a day. Heck I'm in a manic phase right now---I don't sleep much less sit still for very long. Have been hopping up and down for the better part of the day. I'll write a bit then off to do something.

Oh well that's it for this week---still keeping it honest there y'all......


Cindy said...

Good going on the pound lost!!! Every little bit helps!!

If the excess skin is causing problems, can you get your insurance to pay for the surgery? Most of the time they don't cover this as it's considered cosmetic, but maybe with your issues you can get it covered?

BamaGal said...

The prelim talking with my insurance company says that they will cover a panni--just removal of the skin---but they won't cover a full tummy tuck---that is tightening of the muscles also---but we shall see

Family Man said...

Your still going in the right direction no matter what you do so hang in there!