Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Well I'm a day late in posting this weeks progress. Could be I'm ticked off about it. I GAINED 2 LBS. I mean I know it happens---that's why I've never been one to be a slave to a scale---it makes me nuts---even more so than normal....so I'm going back to just weighing once a month.

I mean, it's that TOM. So of course there is some gain with that. I was also able to finally fit into the shorts I was wearing last summer. So maybe I'm gaining muscle. Who knows, but I don't want to get all OCD about the scale.

As long as I follow my eating plan and not be a couch potato---I feel like I'm winning the battle--no matter what the dreaded scale has to say. My eating this week has been sporadic. By that I mean I have been forgetting to eat. I do this when I get busy doing other things. I've been extremely busy since last Thursday.

My parents are out of town. I've been doing alot of yard work around here while they're gone. I've also been doing some cleaning in their house. I like to help them out at times. They've been so good to me over the years. Anyhoo, with all the physical labor I've been doing, I'm sure to be getting enough exercise. I'm just probably not getting in enough calories. So will work on remembering to eat. I may have to do like when I first had surgery. I ate by the clock, because I was never hungry.

I'm gonna move my fatblogging to the first Monday of each month. So that ends it for now---we'll see how it all comes out next month.