Friday, May 11, 2007

Follow My Progress

I want to thank Sparky's Girl over at Healthy Low Carb Living Blog for telling posting about this Cool New Toy. You can see my current weight. Then roll over the start button and goal button to see my progress. There is a problem with the starting weight button though. Their program will only do weights between 350-50 lbs. My true start weight was 375lbs.

The hardest thing for me to do throughout this massive weight loss to really see it in myself. Looking in the mirror, I generally see that morbidly obese woman staring back at me. It does have a psychological term---body dysmorphia. It is usually applied to those suffering from eating disorders. But then again obesity is an eating disorder in itself. Or I guess you could say the consequence of an eating disorder.

So now you can follow me as I continue on this journey to once again reach my lowest weight. I hope to get a little help with that by having a bunch of skin removed. But gotta finally make time to see the plastic surgeon. I say I have about 20 lbs of excess skin----yeah, yeah---I know it's really not that much. But it sure does feel like it.

If you want to get your own virtual model--check out this site--- Cosmetic Makeovers.


Lady Rose said...

What helped me was having a starting picture and a picture now -- I can see the difference in the photos, but not when I look in a mirror. (I have two photos up on a page at the blog Incredible Shrinking Ladies) Good luck - and you have my 100% support! Lady Rose

Tonya said...

Body dysmorphia is a reality for many of us. A psychologist told me it takes up to 5 years for WLS patients to truly see themselves as they appear to the rest of the world. At least there is hope :-D

Sparky's Girl said...

I'm glad you found the new toy to be helpful. I'm always more motivated when I can see progress.. even if it's a cartoon me. :0)

You have done an amazing job bama.. just keep it up. Hopefully you'll be able to deal with that loose skin soon.

Sparky's Girl said...
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