Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Take the Honesty List Challenge

Alrighty folks--my fav ladies over at The Diet Pulpit have issued a challenge.

Accept the Challenge today and create the life you dream of.

Share your Honesty List in the comments here or on your blog - let us know and we will link back to you on our Honesty List Challenge page (a link back to us would be nice but not required).

It can be about any positive change you need to make to get healthy and be happy. Being honest with yourself, and making it public is a great way to keep motivated to reach your goals. We’d love to hear about your goals, honesty list, and updates on your progress too, so keep us posted.

At the end of 2003 I found myself to be nearly 400lbs, on several insulin injections a day, numerous other meds for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol; almost to the point of needing a wheelchair to get around. Already on disability due to severe health problems and serious mental health crisis. I rarely left my home. I ended up having WLS in May 2004 and by the end of 2 yrs had lost 245lbs. I was at an all time low weight of 130 lbs. But I had gained so much more in that time. I was off all the meds for all my health problems except the mental illness--brain disorder is a better term. These meds had been lowered also. I was tons more active than I've ever been in my entire life.

But as with any weight loss for me there was a state of rebound. I had regained up to 165lbs. My big downfall is carbohydrates---there are medical reasons why this is so for someone with Bipolar disorder, but that will need to be in another post. I lost my weight by following a ketogenic way of eating--new buzz word for low carb--I kept my carbs below 30gms a day for two years. With my weight gain they had gone way up---daily average was well over 150gms....cringe...and some days was even more.

Y'all wanted honesty---here's your honesty. Due to the surgery---I can not eat anything with too high of a glycemic value without getting deathly ill. By deathly ill, I mean nausea, sweating, dizziness, heart palpitations, stumbling around, rapid pulse,...not a great feeling. So you would think that this alone would keep me on the true and narrow----nope. How many people do you know who would continually make themselves this sick on purpose---just to have a bite of chocolate, or a serving of pasta, or potatoes,, that's who.

The kicker was what it did to my psyche. I ended up hospitalized with a severe depressive episode. While in the hospital---I got back in to my ketogenic way of eating and started back exercising and did much better.

The past month I was following Atkins's induction---very strict low carb, <20gms/day. I'm happy to announce the scale is moving. I'm still not that swooft on my "organised" exercise. But I do so much around here that is physical, it more than compensates. I'd much rather spend the day working in the yard than a few hours at a gym. I tote huge bags of soil, manure, mulch. Plus we've been clearing some land---so there's all those dead shrubs, vines, etc to be carted off.I'm also staying true with my fatblogging---I'm trying to update each week on my progress.

So there you have it ladies---one honest and true list....thanks for the challenge. Anyone else up for it???


Lady Rose said...

Awesome! :) Love your honesty and your list.

Sara said...

Keep it up kiddo! We're rootin' for ya. :)

"Dootz" said...

I swim laps regularly to stay within 15 pounds or so of my "ideal" weight, but... BUT, I really need to give up sweets and fried foods except for special occasions, like maybe use a Lenten discipline and eat them only on Sundays. I just know my heart and arteries and muffin-top waist will thank me.



BamaGal said...

Dootz---thanks for stopping by---you know with these meds we take--we have nooooo metabolism to begin with---you can give those things up

if I can give up pasta you can give up your sweets---I'm gonna be posting some more recipes for some of my good SF desserts---come check them out

Sara--thanks for the encouragement---being out here in cyberland keeps all of us accountable---