Friday, June 1, 2007

Back.... But Not By Choice.....

Sorry, y'all but I did not want to come back from my trip. I got back on Tuesday, but have been taking care of things around here the latter part of the week. So I'm just now sitting down to give an update on things.

The camping was out of this world. I grew up camping most of my childhood. Learned to water ski when I was just a tyke. We ended up staying at one of the Corps of Engineers Campgrounds here. With all the lakes and rivers in the state they have quite a few of these places to visit.

My parents and I went down on Thursday. My sis and her hubby came on Friday. They even had their grand baby with them. I did a whole lot of hiking over the four days I was there. It was marvelous. The park is on a ridge between a river and a creek. To get to the water you have to hike down the mountain. Some spots it was pretty steep. The really fun part was coming back up. It was pretty modern as far as campgrounds go---hot showers, flush toilets, laundry, playground, beach. My favorite part is the wildflowers and birds. This particular park is known for it's bluebirds. This is a pic of the kinds of houses you'll find all over the park.

We did alot of BBQing too, ribs, chicken, steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs. Everything turned out delicious. Of course with that much food we brought a good bit back with us. I was in low carb heaven let me tell you. I had made a batch of my LC BBQ sauce before we went. Plus my dad had to have my baked beans and coleslaw and potato salad. I stuck with the meat.

I sure found out something surprising about my dog, Bear. He might be a little lap dog/house pet, but he loves the outdoors. He ended up being well behaved. They really frown on yapping dogs in a place like that. He even took to hiking with me. My dad has ordered him a pair of doggie boots so he will be able to take the trails with me a lot better next time. After a four mile hike his little tootsies were kinda tender. My dad found them in one of his RV magazines...go figure. Apparently taking your pet is a big thing while camping. I know this campground was full of dogs. One group even had a cat--on a leash at that.

I took tons of pics. But my battery went out on my camera so none will be uploaded until I get a new one. I'll pick one up at Wal-Mart tomorrow. Some of the sites there sit right on the edge of the mountain, complete with a deck. Oh man, what a view!! I bet it is really nice in the fall when all the leaves are changing.

I've already got reservations to take in another park by myself next weekend. This one is down below Selma on the Alabama River. I've got a site right on the water. The guy I talked to about it today says you can fish right from your campsite, so this time I'm taking my fishing gear with me. Who knows maybe I'll have some fresh fish for dinner one night. I'll have to take my cast iron skillet with me. Even better than that, I've got this thing that sits on a grill that keeps things from sliding through the slats. I can throw 'em on the grill, they sure would taste better.

I'll be leaving Saturday morning and coming back Tuesday. One week and counting......


Sparky's Girl said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! I love camping too and we are planning on going next weekend. I can't wait! Sorry you had to come back, but we are glad you did. :0)

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

Sounds like heaven! Welcome back. I'm not a camper but I love being outdoors. My husband is a fly fisherman. I do love hiking and the solitude and beauty of nature!