Saturday, June 23, 2007

Motivation For Sustaining or Losing Weight

Everyone who reads this blog knows of my weight loss efforts. I lost 200+ lbs by having gastric bypass surgery or WLS as it is known. You also know that I keep it in check by following a low carb way of eating. But some posts on the WLS sites I visit and the blogs I read have been dealing with the problem of regaining weight after this surgery.

Weight regain is nothing new for those having had WLS. Most are told by their surgeons to expect a rebound weight gain of 10-20 lbs. Some never even get all their weight off in the first place. But that is a topic for another post all together. This is a post dealing with motivation for sustaining weight loss.

In WLS circles we talk about the "honeymoon phase". The time in our weight loss when it is easy and we lose very rapidly. This is usually meant to be the first year or two, depending on how much weight you actually want to lose. The idea is that after the so called honeymoon phase losing weight is impossible or extremely difficult. Many are made to feel that they are failures if they do not achieve their goal weight during this time. How is that suppose to be motivating. Shoot, if you already feel like a failure why not go all out---just go on a real binge and start packing the pounds back on.

Me personally, I do not believe in the "window of weight loss" or the " honeymoon phase" or even the "one golden shot" of the low carb diet. I could lose, regain and lose from now til doomsday. I've done it before on other diets. What is so different about the WLS. If you can "eat around the pouch" and regain, what keeps it from happening for some and not for others? Why does anyone fail or succeed at anything in this life? MOTIVATION.....

Could I have been successful on all those other weight loss efforts? Sure I could have been. So the big question is, why wasn't I? Why did I lose 100's of lbs only to regain them back and even more on top of those? If low carb is so good for me why didn't I just do that to begin with? Why something as drastic as WLS? Believe me--the decision to have WLS was not an easy one.

The simple fact for me remains this---I lost alot of weight in a short amount of time. That is the bottom line. In this hurry up world being able to lose weight quickly is what has brought WLS into the limelight. Don't you think if I could have dropped the weight quickly by other conventional diets, I would have stuck with them. But I couldn't, hence all the yoyo dieting.

Now on to what my point is. I lost the weight I wanted to lose. What keeps me from regaining now when so many others do? Well I finally have my motivation. The excess weight is finally gone and I'll be damned if I let it come back on. But this is a choice that only I can make. So what do I plan to do about it. First off, I no longer follow the generally accepted wisdom of a low-fat/high carb diet. Shoot I don't even follow the recommended diet from my surgeon. He'd probably flip out at the high fat content. They do push the protein issue and lowering of the carbs, but mainstream docs still believe fat to be a villain.

But I'm getting off topic again. Motivation. I now have to make choices in my life to maintain the weight loss I have achieved. I have learned what real nutritional science is---on the cellular level. These things I did because now I'm motivated to keep the weight off. If I could have lost 200+ lbs quickly without having WLS, I probably would have been motivated to keep it off. But one thing WLS did do for me, besides the rapid weight loss, it made it impossible for me to eat carbs. Well not totally impossible---but it does make me sick as a dog when I do eat them---so that is aversion therapy of sorts.

So what is your motivation for weight loss??? Is it seeing yourself in some skimpy swimsuit for the summer?? Is it being able to watch your kids grow up?? Is it the decrease in some health problems??? Whatever it is, it all boils down to free will. It is your choice. I choose to leave off the carbs and go back to eating like my ancestors did. If you gain, you can only blame yourself. The CHOICE is yours....

That one sentence is why I do not like some of the WLS boards. They are mamby pamby. Oh ---you sat down and ate a whole box of oreos---but tomorrow is a new day. Sheesh---if you want to put that garbage in your body---you have no one to blame but yourself. Or I want to be able to eat like "normal" people. Hell eating like "normal" people caused you to go to the drastic measures of having your insides rerouted.

So that is my real motivation---I didn't have my guts rearranged just to regain the weight. It may have been drastic, but it works.......


Cindy said...

Great post!!!

I know exactly what you mean...and think I've finally gotten it!! I've been off and on lc for a while, but have been serious about it for 16 weeks now and finally feel like I'm on track and in control.

I still get cravings! But I try to think about what's coming if I eat carbs or if I restrain. The biggest thing, for me, is the out of control cravings I get!

My main motivation has been my health, although I am planning a summer vacation and would like to get lower before then. I've got several problems, none of them life threatening, but all related to unhealthy eating. I'm also at high risk for diabetes and really am trying to avoid that.

My kids are grown, and I'm very proud of them, but now I'm looking forward to the grandkids!!

BamaGal said...

Cindy---thanks for the comment----
I so know the sweet/carb cravings but it is more "head hunger" than my body wanting it. In times of stress I always tuned to the comfort foods of my youth---which were usually loaded with carbs---because they made me feel better---science shows us this is true from a physical stand point---but what about the psychological stand point---emotional eating---it is something I deal with on a daily basis---when I want to reach for junk food---I grab walnuts, olives, pickles, deviled eggs---it helps alot

Kaye Bailey said...

Excellent post, Bama!