Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BlogCatalog For Organ Donation

One of the blog communities I belong to, BlogCatalog, is doing an extraordinary thing to day. They are having the first world wide blogger social campaign to raise awareness about organ donation and the issues surrounding organ donation.

This is a cause which I whole heartily support. If I were not a cadaver donor, I would most certainly be an organ donor. This is directly from their site.

Stop The Black Market!
Slate Magazine took a hard look at a growing problem around the world. Organ donation is so great, some poor people are being convinced to sell their organs on the black market. In Pakistan, 40 percent of the people in some villages are turning up with only one kidney. There is only one way to stop it and that is encouraging more people to become donors. See the article!

• Success Story! Alex Pratt of Los Angeles suffered from kidney disease for over 20 years. It was a huge burden on his wife and two children until he received his first transplant in 1993. Unfortunately, it only lasted 9 years, so he had to wait another four years for a second transplant. He would have never gotten a second chance if not for and a paired donation program at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

• Donors Needed! In Australia, more than 1,700 people are waiting for organ transplants. In Latin America, more than 50,000. In Europe and the United States, more than 95,000. In China, more than 2 million. In Africa, there isn'’t enough organization to really know. Without an organ transplant, these people will die. There are many statistics and links to find a good story at Wikipedia.

I encourage each of you to take the time now to let friends and family members know of your desires to be an organ donor. Do not leave it unsaid. Take the decision out of the hands of relatives should they time come. Their state of mind at that time may not allow them to be able to handle this crucial decision. I've seen it happen too many times before. Give the gift of life.

This is a story from my own childhood. You hear of things like this happening. A boy barely 16 has a serious car wreck. He is gone but his heart doesn't have the sense to stop beating. The family donate all of his organs and several people are alive today because of it. His parents were very distraught, too much so to make that decision for him. But he had taken the time to sign up to be an organ donor when he got his driver's license just a few months prior.

So I urge you to do this simple task today.