Sunday, July 1, 2007


Well it is the first day of the month. That means it is weigh in day for me. I'm down 2 more pounds. That brings me to 151. 21 more pounds to go until my goal. So that's a total of 14 pounds lost so far.

Actually I was surprised there was any type of weight loss. Every since it has been so hot around here, I've pretty much stayed in the house. Can't breathe outside. I only go out long enough for Bear to do his business. It is way to hot to try to get in any type of exercise. What little yard work I do is done at 5AM. Even then it is pretty hard to breathe.

My eating has not been as perfect as I would like it to be. But then again who is perfect. It is difficult to turn down fresh peas from the garden. Although I only have them maybe once a week. That is still way too many carbs for me. I still strive to keep my carb count to a bare minimum. I've also been eating more fruit this month. But when you live so close to the peach capital as I do, and I don't mean Georgia, here again it hard to resist. Also my sis has 3 blueberry bushes. It is great to be able to pick and eat straight off the bush. But once again this poses the problem of too many carbs. So will have to curtail that until I reach my goal.

Well that's it----on to the next month......


Cindy said...

Great job on the loss!! That's fantastic!

I buy berries whenever they're avaiable at the farmer's market and freeze them.

Sparky's Girl said...

Congrats on the loss! Just hang in there. Peas and fruit are a much better indulgance than junk and sugar! If you need those once in a while to keep on going, then so be it. But I do understand about trying not to have them so your weight loss will speed up.

Anonymous said...

I dunno...sounds to me like you're doing just fine! You're a marvel and you have such strong fight in you--not to worry, you're totally on your way!
Thanks so much for putting my blog info on your post today! I really appreciate it!

PS That BBQ sauce looks good!