Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cleansing Rain...Finally

It is finally here. Something long overdue. After the scorching drought of this year, we are finally getting some welcome relief. It started raining Friday afternoon. It has continued. A good slow steady respite for the parched land. No thunder, no lightning, just rain.

Out here in the country, we don't have lawns. We have yards. Yards aren't "watered" like they are in the cities. The only thing that you take the time to water is the garden. You can't eat grass. I do make an exception for my flowers. I didn't spend days getting a flowerbed put in only to lose all the plants I put in. If you get no rain the grass dies. It has been so dry here you can hear the grass crunch as you walk.

I have always been one to like the rain. Storms are another story. I've had too many close calls with a tornado. Plus seen too much of the destruction they can leave in their wake. But a nice quiet steady rain is calming. Most people tend to get depressed when it rains. I've always felt it was cleansing to my soul. I still like taking walks out in it. To heck with an umbrella too.

Yesterday, Bear and I took a long walk around the property in the rain. Me reminiscing of years gone by and other rainy days spent traipsing through the woods on the back side of the property. Those trails have long since grown up. But in my memory they are very clear.

As for Bear, he may be a house pet but he is a true lover of the outdoors. He would stay out there all the time if I let him. His new great pleasure, chasing the baby rabbits living under a holly tree not far from my back door. Luckily he is getting better at obeying the stay command. Or I would have had to go off through the woods after him.

Oh well, it's early and I think I'll go for another the rain....


Anonymous said...

You talk about the rain being calming and therapeutic, yet just reading what you wrote kind of made me feel calm. You're good!