Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Does My Pouch Still Work??

I've seen many post WLSers go through the dreaded regains. Some even go so far as to say that their pouch doesn't work any more. Some even look into getting a revision done. This is ludicrous. As everyone is told before they ever go under the knife. The pouch is just a tool. You have to be willing to change all the eating habits you had that made you fat in the first place.

You just need to be willing to go back to the basics. When I stray too far from my normal eating course of low carb. Yeah I have those days just like everyone else. I fall prey to old behaviors and old comfort foods. Even though they make me sick as a dog. I go on a meat or fat fast. Dr Atkins has a fat fast and I found the meat fast on low carb luxury. Neither one of these should be done long term. It is just to get myself back into ketosis. Especially after I have been on a self loathing causing carb binge. Another thing I add is MCT Oil. It is suppose to get you into ketosis super quick. I first discovered it when doing some research about the ketogenic diet and the effects on the brain.

My good friend, Kaye Bailey, recently did a couple of posts about her special way of getting back to the basics. Here are the links:

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Recipe Suggestions: 5 Day Pouch Test

If you are struggling as many of us do. Remember you are the one in control. You work your pouch not the other way around. Remember why you had the surgery in the first place. You must be willing to change your lifestyle. You can't do what you've always done and expect different results.


Kaye Bailey said...

Well said, Diane. You know, what I find alarming about the surgical community being willing to offer revisions is that it lets patient's off the hook for taking personal responsibility. If all you have to do is break the rules and every year or two go get a tweak, then why do it, especially gastric bypass. If you think you are going need tweaks then for goodness sake get the lap-band. That's the functionality of that procedure. It's time the bariatric community step and and pre-screen for tweakers vs. tool workers and then operate accordingly, not based on patient choice or affordability.

Just my 2-cents.

Thanks for the links, btw. Much appreciated.