Sunday, August 26, 2007

WLS--the whole truth....

If you mention the words gastric bypass surgery in passing to anyone---you get opinions from across the board. Some tell of horror stories surrounding the surgery. Others say the surgery saved their life. Still others tell you anyone having it are just a bunch of lazy slobs. Then there is the old taking the easy way out argument.

Let's settle this once and for all. WLS IS NOT EASY!!!

It has to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. Remembering to take a truckload of pills 6 times a day, monitoring every morsel I put into my mouth for possible hidden sugars, making myself get to the doc for follow-ups routinely, planning ahead every day to make sure I have food, vitamins, etc with me "just in case". Keeping up with the research coming out for the long term effects. As well as a whole bunch of other day to day crap.

You can talk with anyone and they know someone or know some who knows someone who regained their weight after having the surgery. Yeah it happens. Too many people want to return to what they deem is "normal" eating again. Hello--you have been "gut whacked" you will never, ever be normal again. PERIOD. Get used to it. I know that may sound kinda harsh. But hello reality check here folks---undergoing major surgery is nothing to be taken lightly.

There has been news this week of the study done that is suppose to sing the praises of how good WLS can be. You can read it here: Weight Loss Surgery Extends Lifespan.

I feel the only way to be able to make this major of a decision about your health. You have to have all sides of the story. Which is what I attempt to do with my blog. I believe in making an INFORMED decision, before you ever contemplate WLS. When they wheel you in that operating room, you have signed a paper stating that you have given them INFORMED consent. Well, how the hell can it be informed, if you don't know all the facts.

In the interest of giving you another view of this study, read this blog post: Junkfood Science: Was this really proof that bariatric surgeries save lives? I believe you may be in for a surprise. I certainly was after reading it.

When I talk with my fellow WLSers, everyone usually tells you they had the surgery for health reasons. I'll be perfectly honest with you. My health was bad when I started researching the surgery. That's not why I chose to have it. I wanted to be thin, bottom line. I thought being thin and svelte would be the answer to all life's problems. Did I have on rose colored glasses or what.

So before you leap on the WLS bandwagon. Do your research. Know what changes you MUST make to be successful. Understand the risks over the long haul. Last but not least, surgery is a last, final option. After trying everything else---my suggestion is give a high fat carb restricted diet a chance---then check into having the surgery. You have to be willing to NEVER EVER be "normal" again.

If you can't give up your carbs, diet sodas, take your vitamins, exercise daily,.....yada yada, yada.....If you still want to be able to scarf down a piece of chocolate cake, bag of chips, french fries, and sit around on you duff all the time and still drop monds of weight---hoping to keep it off---which you won't mind you.....Then by all means---DO NOT HAVE WLS. This surgery is just a tool. You have to do the work. It is not a magic cure all. Contrary to some people's views the surgery can not fail---short of certain complications. YOU are the thing that has failed in the equation.

Ok rant is over now.....

Seriously folks--do your research before undergoing the knife....