Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Anemia Part I

In keeping with my endeavor to post about all supplements as related to WLS, I will be focusing a couple of posts on iron intake. I had planned to do this at a later date, but after reading a brilliant post by Adam, I had to pipe in about it here too.

As any WLSer worth their salt knows, iron is a biggy when we think about our supplements. Everyone knows that it is one of the most important of all our supplements. At least it is one of the few every bariatric center recommends. I know there are more, but I digress.

Since we all know how important iron is, we wouldn't do anything to deter us from getting in what we are suppose to right?? Then hang on to your hats folks---especially all you WLS still stuck on the idea it's okay for "good" carbs to be in your WLS diet. Y'all know who you are....By "good" carbs I'm talking about the old whole grain nonsense.

Stop rolling your eyes---yes I'm going there once again. The body does not have to have carbs at all. But grains are completely useless. They are not fit for human consumption by anyone. Most importantly, they should never be consumed by WLSers, EVER. It boils down to one tiny ingredient found in grain products---phytate or phytic acid. In adults, phytic acid has been reported to inhibit the absorption of iron, zinc, calcium and manganese but not copper. Phytic acid can be found in most grains, seeds and beans. Rich sources of phytic acid are wheat bran and flaxseed (3 % phytic acid).

EEEKKK!!! Flaxseed---I love the stuff. After reading this, it will be a big NO NO from now on. The grain products have been cut from my way of eating for awhile now. Beans, well this is the south, I do have them on occasion. Guess I'll have to rethink those too.

What I'm getting at here, nutrition is the number one cause of problems long term for anyone having WLS. Especially the malabsorptive procedures such as the RNY. Supplementation is key for good health in our case. So if something is gonna interfere with a supplement we are SURE is important like iron and :gasp: calcium too. Do we want to keep putting it into our bodies? I think not.

To prove how effective phytic acid is at lowering iron stores, check out this info. It is given to cancer patients to decrease the iron stores to decrease tumors. Which is why some people think soy is so good for cancer--it is the phytic acid found in it. Anyone who reads my blog knows how I hate soy, bad stuff. So here's another post WLS food many love---soy---but it will deplete your body of nutrients you desperately need along with the grains many still cling to religiously. So put down that tofu, pour out that soy milk, feed that whole grain bread to the birds and take your supplements. Oh yeah--go eat some fat while you're at it.


alicia said...


Am I killing myself with my vegetarian (one day vegan - hopefully) diet?!

I'm definitely not a fan of tofu - due mostly to the fact that the first time (last week) I tried to prepare it, it was disgusting. (I know I should have looked up HOW to prepare it, first, but I digress.)

But I'm addicted to chocolate soy milk, and I try to eat whole grain because everyone talks about how great it is for you.

This is just another thing that reminds me to take my vitamins everyday!