Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Positive Thinking Day!!

Positive thinking can be a very powerful thing. So powerful it has it's own holiday set aside. Shoot it even has it's own website, Positive Thinking Day. This is quoted from their website:

I choose to create a great day!
Today is Positive Thinking Day!! Hooray!! Yippee!!!

I am excited (you probably noticed) about this event! I truly do believe that if we each make a commitment to be consistently positive today, we can make a difference in this world. While it is important to be positive every day, this day marks a specific time for each of us to put extra effort into being positive. This extra positive energy will help make the world a better place.

Positivity is contagious... really! So, as you make the commitment today to be positive and to hold positive thoughts you will influence those around you. That's how we change the world... we start with ourselves! When you are focused on the positive then there will be a ripple effect that spreads out from you. You can make a difference! Yes, I am talking to you - each one of you. So... come on, let's set out today to change the world... one thought at a time!

So commit yourself to being positive. Not just today but everyday.


Anonymous said...

What a nice, uplifting post to wake up to today!
I'm all for making our lives and the world we live in more positive!
Thanks for this!!