Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mental Health Parity

I am very active in the mental health field. I write frequent letters on behalf of legislation going on in our local, state, and national governments. I did a post before related to the mental health parity bill that is being considered this year. Mental Health Parity---requiring insurance companies to provide equal coverage for mental health as all other health services.

Most people are paying much higher co-pays when seeing their psychiatrist or therapist than when seeing another specialist. Also many have a lifetime cap on using mental health services. That is just plain wrong. Can you image the outrage people would have if they tried to do this for someone with diabetes or cancer. I got this email today from NAMI:

Senate Passes Parity: House Action Needed

September 19, 2007

Last night, the U.S. Senate passed the Mental Health Parity Act of 2007 (S 558), legislation requiring health plans to cover treatment for mental illness on the same terms and conditions as all other illnesses. The bill now moves to the House, where efforts are underway to move it forward later this fall.

NAMI would like to express appreciation to the sponsors of S 558 – Senators Pete Domenici (R-NM), Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) and Mike Enzi (R-WY) – for their persistence and leadership in bringing parity legislation forward. NAMI also thanks all our grassroots members whose efforts have made this victory possible. We now need to ask you help again, to push parity through the House.

Action Required

The parity bill now moves to the House for consideration: Contact your member of Congress and urge them to support immediate House passage of S 558 so that the bill can be sent to the President. You can also send a letter to your Senators thanking them for supporting mental illness parity. Contact your Senators and Representative now using NAMI's Legislative Action Center.

Click here to view additional background information on S 558

So take the time to get involved. It will only take a few keystrokes to make your voice heard. One voice, one vote can make a difference.


Anonymous said...

This is great news! About f@cking time, nu?
It goes back to exactly what you said about the mind and body being one entity, with one affecting the whole.
Good good good!

P.S. I'm kinda liking coconut oil ALOT I weird? This stuff is delicious!!!

Ladyred56 said...

Good to see Bamagal mental healthcare payment is the suckiest part of the business as far as I an concerned. It is a pity to see poor people out on the street because they can't get any help.

Years ago my ex tried to commit suicide. I did have insurance and it was said to be pretty good insurance. It paid for him to have 5 whole days of inpatient treatment. BIG WHOOP!!

Try taking someone home with you on Friday who almost died the Sunday before. Not a pretty picture!

BamaGal said...

"Try taking someone home with you on Friday who almost died the Sunday before. Not a pretty picture!"

That must have been a nightmare for you---

Adam--the coconut oil kinda grows on you doesn't sure and check out those recipes---I did the beef stirfry last night---it was good