Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just Some Stuff

I'm in a hurry, super busy today. It's cold this morning so am having difficulty getting going.

My Blog

I decided to change the layout for my blog. What do you think? My oter blog is 3 columns. I just like it it better. Does it load okay for everyone? Are you able to read it easily? Just let me know in the comments section, if I need to change the font or colors.

Gary Taubes

Here are links to 2 videos on YouTube featuring Taubes. One is an excerpt from the Larry King Live show. The other is the interview done several years ago on PBS. That one has Taubes going head to head with Dr Dean Ornish. Here's a few more articles also to read:


Here's some interesting things from around the web.

Taking a Break

In the upcoming weeks I'll be taking a break from the internet. I've got too much stuff to get done prior to my son visiting. Just wanted to give everyone a fair warning way ahead of time. First I'll be going off camping again this weekend. Then I'll spend the next 2 weeks getting prepared for my son's visit. I have to do most of my holiday decorating and baking before he arrives. He is flying in on the 15th and will be going back home Thanksgiving Day. Then it will be putting the finishing touches on all my decorating. That will take me into December by then. I do have some posts in the works to put up before I leave this weekend.

Well gotta go----busy, busy, busy