Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Shopping List

Adam asked in a comment way back about things to increase the fat in his eating plan. I figured I'd just share some of the things I normally buy. I have done this in the LAWLS Neighborhood before, so I'll share that.

Real milk--from a local dairy--not raw---but not homogenized either
sour cream --full fat
Heavy cream-used alot
Real Butter(not margarine)-used alot
cottage cheese-full fat
cream cheese-full fat
huge variety of cheese full fat---fermented---sold locally but are Amish---so are natural cheeses----no cheese food products---REAL cheese only

chicken wings
leg quarters
whole chickens
boneless chicken thighs
whole turkeys, raw and smoked
shank or butt portion ham, smoked and fresh--no honey baked or glazed
pork roasts-butt/shank portion
pork chops
pork steaks
calf liver
chicken liver
frozen shrimp
canned crab
bacon---SF and nitrate free
fatty ground beef---no ground sirloin or round
fatty cuts of beef roasts or steak---example--rib eye, chuck
pork loin
tuna in oil
salmon and tuna steak pouches
canned sardines and fish steaks
smoked sausage
duck/goose---save the fat too
fresh gulf seafood when I can afford it, oysters, grouper, snapper,etc

onions---all kinds
peppers---multi variety--mild to hot
summer squash
spaghetti squash
some winter squashes---like butternut, acorn,pumpkin
fresh herbs
variety of frozen mixed stir fry type veggies
frozen blueberries, strawberries, blackberries(fresh when in season---used as a treat a couple of times a month)
baby salad greens
collard, turnip greens

almond flour
coconut cream
unsweetened coconut flakes
coconut flour
coconut oil---expeller pressed and virgin
lg variety of herbs and spices, no spice blends some have sugar
olive oil
walnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans
sugar twin brown sugar
palm oil
walnut, macadamia nut oil
plain gelatin

other stuff
SF tomato sauce
SF diced stewed tomatoes
dill pickle relish
olives--black and green
variety of dill pickles
plain pkts of koolaid---I sweeten with stevia
unjury unflavored protein powder---used for quick protein shakes on occasion

I make all my own condiments including ketchup, mayo(made with a blend of coconut oil and olive oil), salad dressings, and marinades--I also now make my own SF gelatin and puddings---I have tried to eliminate all artificial sweeteners(use stevia, SweetPerfection now)--the only exception is the sugar twin brown sugar for my BBQ sauce.

I also visit a new butcher that is connected to a slaughter house here---I get bones and hooves and other usually discarded items to make my own broths---I use the poultry carcases for stock too---I also get large amounts of fat(generally pork) for rendering(that's making lard y'all)---I do get some whole fish to make fish stock>

I try to avoid processed foods of all kinds---that includes deli meats---which used to be a staple of my eating---too many chemicals---I do no soy products of any kind---I do no grains whatsoever---I make my own yogurt now also. I also use nut butters, like cashew and almond. They are great tossed with some veggies. Gives it an Asian flair.

I have returned to a more paleo type of eating---the eating that sustained our ancestors for thousands of years. Also try to keep it very high fat:

Why your low-carb diet should be high-fat, not high protein

So, that about covers it. I keep plenty of staples on hand. Then buy meat, veggies,etc according to my menu at the time. So what's on the menu at your house tonight?


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this extended list! I can't get over how creative and resourceful you are! What an important lesson learned here!
Hope you're doing well!

BamaGal said...

Adam, I meant to do this earlier on right after your comment. My list was much different just a mere year ago. Since becoming more proactive in my own health care, I found a way of eating now that benefits all of me.

Finding things locally has made a world of difference. I would not ave known they existed were it not for searching the internet.

Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

i just mentioned this on someone elses blog but ANYTHING to do with food at this point is making me starving!!! lol


lowcarbmargi said...

This is awesome, thanks for posting this. I am definitely going to link to this page and refer to it often!