Saturday, October 6, 2007

Kimkins Again

This is the REAL "Kimmer" AKA Heidi Diaz according to PI surveillance.
She is a morbidly obese woman in real life.

The infamous red dress photo of “Kimmer” is really LESYA.

Kimmer's claimed "after" photo is another fake Russian bride.

The sad thing about this whole fiasco has to be the blind following this diet still has. There are so many desperate people on the site who shout: I DON'T CARE. THE DIET WORKS. I'M LOSING WEIGHT. So what if the founder herself is fat, so what if the success stories are fake. I'm losing weight.

To which I reply, yeah well crack cocaine works to make you lose weight, wanna try that now. Are you so willing to be thin, you risk dying for it???

I know first hand the turmoil these people feel being obese, morbidly obese. Trying every diet out there and none of them working. Only leaving me fatter than before and more despondent. Feeling like a complete failure in life. I wanted so bad to be thin. So off I went to have WLS.

I'll be the first to admit. My biggest reason for having the weight loss surgery was the thought that life would be better if I could just be thin. My fear of food got the better of me while losing the weight. I was so scared of a regain, many times I just would conveniently forget to eat. It's pretty easy when you really have no appetite to begin with. I became emaciated and my health suffered big time. It was my whole history with an eating disorder rearing it's ugly head. My family was worried about me, as was my therapist and PCP. When my lab work came back showing severe malnourishment and osteoporosis, I finally wised up. That's when I went to the dietitian. I added the foods back in---had a huge regain---went into a severe depression---ended up hospitalized---then turned things around.

Now I had done my research early on after WLS and was following a low carb eating plan. It was higher fat than most of my fellow WLSers, but not high enough. It was way more protein than fat. All WLSers know the routine, protein first and foremost. Which I now know is not the way to go. It is really fat first then protein. Or at least fattier protein sources.

So my research into nutrition went into high gear. Leaving me where I am today. Healthier and much more content with who I am. I no longer fear food, well, not completely. I still have the old morbid obesity mindset playing havoc with my reasoning at times. Hey, I'm an ongoing work in progress. I know what it takes to properly nourish my body. Believe you me, it is no where near the low fat, low calorie approach that is so detrimental to your health.

For Further posts from me concerning the Kimkins saga---please check out my other blog: Kimkins Scam


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