Saturday, December 29, 2007



...sort of.

Yup, the ADA has new recommendations coming out for 2008. They are adding in following a low carb lifestyle.

You can read further about it in the links at the bottom of the page. The issue I want to address is a comment found on Dr Vernon's post. Jenny, a well educated advocate for diabetics, had this to say:

How many hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes have gone blind, lost their limbs, or gone on dialysis thanks to the ADA's decades of promoting the high carb diet? How many more will suffer these fates in the next decade thanks to this tepid endorsement which will go unnoticed by anyone except us long term low carb activists.

The ADA's magazines for patients are still full of high carb recipes. Their "educational" materials still warn people that achieving "Tight control" which they define as a 2 hour post-meal blood sugar of 180 mg/dl may be "dangerous." Even for people controlling with DIET alone!

When will the medical community expose the ADA for what it is--an advocacy group for big pharma and the junk food companies who prey off people with diabetes NOT an organization that promotes the interests of people WITH diabetes.

If anything the ADA's policies ensure that diabetes will continue to flourish, kind of like how the American Timber Association makes sure we still have timber.

They're still telling people to take Avandia, too.

Did you know that the major contributors to the ADA are food companies like Cadbury and pharmaceutical companies. No wonder they have taken so long to get on the low carb bandwagon. Plus this less than overwhelming support now shows that they just didn't want to bite the hand that feeds them.


Apparently, Hell Has Just Froze Over


OhYeahBabe said...

It's sad that money talks more than science here. This is a small victory but it's a start. Here's hoping low carb gets a real foot hold and some traction. It's going to take a lot to sway the masses, but if doctors can be swayed it's going to be a big help.

Thanks for posting!

Friends don't let friends do the Kimkins Starvation Diet!

Kat said...

wow, that's great news! Let's just hope it doesn't make more people want to do low carb the Kimkins way...Kimkins is a all about it!! There is information out there for everyone to know the Truth about Kimkins! Friends don't let friends do Kimkins!!

mjr said...

It's about time!
Diabetes is a very dangerous disease and eating low carb would help many. I only hope that those researching a low carb diet will find a GOOD one and not a dangerous one like Kimkins

2BIG said...

woo hoo finally they see the light, low carbing Atkins style is safe effective treatment for diabetes. Notice they did not say Thanks for getting the information out about was.