Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mental Health Parity--Get Involved


We are SO close! Passage of a strong parity law is within reach. But this session of Congress will end before Christmas. If a parity bill is not passed by then, we risk losing it entirely in election-year deadlock!

Join me and many, many other advocacy groups and individuals in a massive grassroots telephone call-in day Friday, December 7th to press Congress to pass a strong parity bill this year. With more than 30,000 lives lost to suicide each year, we CANNOT allow parity to be punted away to “next year”!

Status of parity legislation: The Senate unanimously passed its parity bill, S. 558, on September 18. A similar, but somewhat broader House bill, H.R. 1424, was approved by three committees. Negotiations on parity have taken place between the House and Senate. Grassroots’ advocacy that calls for passing a strong bill this year can help build momentum for achieving a House-Senate compromise bill that can pass both chambers.

Action: On Friday, December 7th, use the toll-free Parity Hotline, 1-866-parity4 (1-866-727-4894), to call your representative and senators and leave a message urging them to press their leadership to pass mental health parity legislation this year. (The Parity Hotline reaches the U.S. Capitol switchboard, which will connect callers to their representatives and senators’ offices).

Targets: All members of the House and Senate.

Message: “I am calling to ask the senator/representative to press for passage of a strong mental health parity bill this year! Please work with the Leadership to pass parity now!”

Thank you for taking action!


Alix said...

Great research, Bamagal, I always enjoy coming to your site! Keep up the great work.

Sherrie said...

Was it passed BG?