Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You are what your body does with what you eat

Regina Wilshire always does a wonderful job in reporting new research coming out concerning nutrition. She didn't let me down this time either. Check out the full post here.

A newly published study, in the journal Lipids - Comparison of Low Fat and Low Carbohydrate Diets on Circulating Fatty Acid Composition and Markers of Inflammation - found that subjects given a low-carb diet experienced "profound alterations in fatty acid composition and reduced inflammation compared to a low fat diet."

One of the remarkable effects in the data presented that may have contributed to the results is that despite the three-fold greater saturated fat in the diet for the low carb group, saturated fat in the blood turned out to be higher in the low fat group due to the process known as carbohydrate-induced lipogenesis.

Dr. Volek points out that “this clearly shows the limitations of the idea that ‘you are what you eat.’ Metabolism plays a big role. You are what your body does with what you eat.”

I just wanted bring your attention to the paragraph in red---despite eating 3x as much saturated fat on the low carb diet----saturated fat in the blood was GREATER in the low fat group.