Monday, January 21, 2008

Eating Disorders On The Rise

It's not only just the young girls who deal with eating disorders. ABC News is doing an ongoing series of reports showing that eating disorders are on the rise in adults. Here are the stories.

ABC News: Anorexia -- Not Just a Teenage Battle
ABC News: Doctors Treating Older Anorexics
ABC News: For Men, Twin Sister Ups Anorexia Risk
ABC News: Adult Anorexia on the Rise
ABC News: Anorexia Also Strikes Middle-Aged Women
ABC News: Resources to Help with Eating Disorders

With ABC covering the Kimkins Story, I want to point out that many Kimkins Survivors report eating disordered thinking. The Kimkins debate shows woman of all ages dealing with an eating disorders after following that diet. In Heidi's own words, she admits to having an eating disorder herself. The affiliate marketing is driving more people to the site.

It is important to remember that there is not one single simple thing that causes a person to develop an Eating Disorder. It usually lies in some combination of the social, environment, and biological attributes, and/or the family dysfunction of each individual.

I have suffered with an eating disorder for 30+ years. I have observed the majority of my fellow WLSers exhibiting eating disordered behaviors too. I plan on doing a more in depth post about that later on.


Anonymous said...

Hi, BamaGirl!

I just found out about the whole Kimmer/Kimkins debacle last week and have been reading quite a bit about it, just because it's so bizarre and so unthinkably cruel on Heidi's part. I may have missed getting caught up in this particular scam, but I've been gotten before, so I have a lot of empathy for those who were caught by this one.

I found a post of your's a while back about the "cult mentality" of Kimkins, and thought you might find this to be of interest. It's from the website of Isaac Bonewitzh, who is a leader in the Neopagan community and believes quite strongly in transparency for any group where a strong leader could possibly take control and abuse it. It was written with the intent of helping people - of ANY faith - avoid falling for a religious cult, but for the most part can also be used to evaluate a group like Kimkins and I thought perhaps it could be useful in your current fight in that context.

It's called (and I love the acronym this makes - hehe) the Advanced Bonewitz Cult Danger Evaluation Frame - or the ABDCEF and you can find it at

Best wishes to you and the others trying to prevent this program from harming anyone else!

Joanna said...

Hello BarnaGirl and all who are following your posts on the Kimkins situation.

Thank you for your dedication to helping to provide safety to a vulnerable population.

Eating disorders, all of them, grip a person's mind and limit perception and awareness. People suffering from eating disorders have a narrow psychological and emotional view of the world. Plus, they use this narrow view to support their lives as they live them. That includes supporting everything involved in maintaining their eating disorders.

The narrow view is a major component of an eating disorder and is why people have so much resistance to treatment.

Once effective treatment begins, they start to develop an awareness of a larger and more complex world than they thought existed. They also discover more strength and opportunity. Most importantly, they start to develop and honor their own uniqueness.

People deep in their eating disorder illness are vulnerable to exploiters looking to profit from that vulnerability.

Your raising awareness about the exploitation and manipulation experienced by people who were hurt by Kimkins helps raise awareness in many people.

We can only hope that such awareness will penetrate minds of people blocked by their eating disorder. This could allow them to at least avoid such exploitation and at the most, to seek effective treatment that can lead them to health.

Thank you again for your efforts to raise healthy empowering awareness.

Joanna Poppink, LMFT, Los Angeles psychotherapist specializing in eating disorder recovery,