Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is Kimkins

A WLS friend of mine left a comment wanting to know what is Kimkins. It is a very long story with alot of drama. I've done several posts on the Kimkins Controversy in the past. But decided to move it to it's own blog, Kimkins Scam.

I first encountered Kimkins and it's founder Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer, in the low carb community. The diet was all the rage for awhile. The claims of an outstanding loss of nearly 200 lbs in just 7 months by Heidi, were the selling points. Plus the added pitch that it was better than gastric bypass surgery. Then there was this awesome pic of a lovely woman in a red dress. Which Heidi claimed as her after picture.

Many people questioned the validity of the after pics as well as the very low calorie diet being pushed. Those on the site who questioned were immediately sent to "Banned Camp"without a refund. PI surveillance was done. With the true after pics of Heidi Diaz being plastered throughout the web.

The self proclaimed "Diet Guru" was actually a morbidly obese woman, sitting at home on her computer, preying on people desperate to lose weight. Not only was her success story fake, but the majority of her posted Kimkins success stories were also.

The killing part for me was the fact that she also has been reported to have had WLS several years ago. Then there is the fact that through her questionable viral marketing techniques she was even getting kids as young as 14 on her site. The problem with the diet itself is the way it is written is less than 800 cals/day. But fitday records and members on accounts show they were consuming 500 cals/day and some much less. If you hit a stall you were accused of "cheating" or not being strong enough to stick with it.

This kind of thinking encourages self-loathing and leads to an eating disorder. Many former members of Kimkins have reported serious health problems. The majority of them have also complained of the fear of food. Which is an eating disorder in itself.

You have those who feel they are grown men and women who should have researched the diet before joining the site. As the saying goes, buyer beware.

It just upsets me to see people who are desperate to lose weight fall for a scam like this. I just do my part in getting the word out. It has been on several TV stations already , with more in the works. There is also a Class Action Lawsuit on file too.

So that is a very brief summary of what is Kimkins.


2big4mysize said...

thanks for blogging about the scam being run on by Kimmer

OhYeahBabe said...

It's really hard to do a short synopsis of this big, complicated situation. Good job!

One note - the people who are consuming under 500 calories are doing it with Heidi's support. It's not like people just decide that if 800 is good, 500 is better. They're being taught that you don't need to eat at all if there is any fat left on your body.

Anonymous said...

Of course that would mean no fat person ever died of malnutrition or starvation. In fact, the medical journals are replete with stunning examples of people whose fear of food led to abnormally low food intake and their subsequent deaths. Liquid protein diets come to mind. Oh sure, maybe the death certificates gave a different reason, but the underlying pathology in most cases was insufficient food and insufficient nutrition.

Sandi said...

Hmmmmm. Thank you BamaGal for going to the trouble to explain this for me. I was going to google this and do a little research. I kind of remember a brief story in the news about this fat woman sitting at a computer selling a diet and being exposed.

How sad that so many people have DIED as a result of someone's get rich quick scheme.