Sunday, January 6, 2008

What's a gal to do?

I was over a Junkfood Science the other day, catching up on some of my blog reading. Sandy had few posts that I had missed earlier.

The first two ask the question, Do Diets Work? The answer is a resounding NO. The third goes into detail about how Americans as a whole are actually more active now than in the past.

In reading these and going back to read my own post about the failure of exercise to help you lose weight. I wonder what people are suppose to do to actually lose weight and keep it off.

I'm the queen of diets, have been on everything under the sun. I dieted myself right up to nearly 400 pounds. I have always been an active person, even lugging around those nearly 400 pounds.

So why couldn't I lose weight? Why did it take me having WLS to finally be able to shed those pounds? We all know regain is possible even after WLS.

Shedding the weight is easy. There are any number of weight loss products and diets to help with that. Even that stupid vLCD developed by Heidi Diaz, known as the Kimkins Diet, works to help you lose weight. Eating less food than a person in a concentration camp kinda has that effect on you. But you'll regain and more along with it. In one of Sandy's posts above she talks of a follow-up done on a vLCD. Of all the people in the study, only 25 actually stuck with it. Then all of those had regained their weight within two years.

Diets don't work. Exercise doesn't work. Even bariatric surgery doesn't work. Then you have that whole "obesity paradox" thing going on. You can read about that here:

Now what?? Just what IS a gal to do?

How about, first, just accepting who you are. Then for your health's sake, change the way you eat. Give up all that processed food. The less steps a food has to go through before it reaches your table the better. As for veggies, buy local first and foremost. Also, when it comes to veggies, if you can't eat it raw, don't eat it cooked. Just a hint--potatoes are poisonous if eaten raw. The old saying about shopping on the outer aisles of the stores doesn't quite ring true anymore. Most stores now have their bakery and deli on the outer edges. Yet the veggies, meat and dairy are there also.

As for exercise, do it for the feel good hormones. And no, you don't have to run out and buy an expensive gym membership or even a slew of exercise videos or exercise equipment. How about just cranking up the music and dancing with your kids. Get outside and run with your favorite furbaby. Don't get caught up in all the diet hype. Nothing can make miracles happen.

Will I be successful at my weight loss this go round? Who knows? All I know is I eat differently now than ever before. Plus I don't even think about it. It just is.

I'm not on a diet. I'm LIVING.


OhYeahBabe said...

Thanks for the good reading material. That's a great site.

I feel so awful for the people getting raked in by scams like Kimkins! Even if they do lose weight, they will likely gain it all back and then some, with health damage as well.

Say no to Kimkins!!

Avenue Girl said...

Cutting out the processed food alone is a huge helper. As for the poisonous potato, those may be the death of me;) Do sweet potato's have the same bad rap?

lowcarbmargi said...

ITA, and awesome post :)

2big said...

nope sweet taters are actually high in micronutriants ond not a very high glycemic value food either as long as you don't candi them nor turn them into pie.
which is why Dr Atkins includes them in his OWL foods something and Kimmer never will cause with only 20 total carbs they would use up the whole day supply on just one serving.

Anonymous said...

Green potatoes are poisonous. Light creates solanine, which is toxic. Don't ever buy taters in clear plastic bags or store them in light conditions. But sweet taters are fine with light. You can actually root them in water and grow a pretty vine if they sprout before use. They deliver high fiber, beta carotene and good taste all in one. Just don't eat too much too often.