Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Malnutrition After WLS

I've done several posts in the past about the need for many supplements after WLS. In each one I have stated multiple times you need to be proactive in your own health care. Do not take it when the doctor tells you your "labs" are fine. Know what it is they are checking and the values. Ask for copies.

The OSSG Gone Wrong Yahoo Group I have recently joined has a complete list of ALL lab work that needs to be done on a routine basis. They have graciously allowed me to share this list with y'all.

My new PCP is pretty up to date on care of WLSers, but he didn't do half this lab work at my last visit, the one where he said I was severely malnourished. So I called the office and am going to have the remainder drawn first thing in the morning.

-This list includes labs suggested regularly for gastric bypass patients-

Regularly (every 3-6 months depending on your previous results).Keep track of any levels that are declining from one set of tests to the next, even if not yet in the low range. Make any corrections necessary in your diet and vitamin regimen before the levels get too low.

80053(10231) - COMPREHENSIVE METABOLIC PANEL (sodium, potassium, chloride, glucose, BUN, creatinine, calcium, total protein, albumin, total bilirubin,alkaline phosphatase, aspartate aminotransferase)

(482) - GGT

84134(4847) - PRE-ALBUMIN

80061(7600) - LIPID PROFILE (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, chol/HDL ratio)
((Fasting specimen), Tchol,Trig,HDL,Calc,LDL)


(593) – LD (Serum)

84100(718) - PHOSPHORUS - Phosphate

84550(905) - URIC ACID

85025(6399) - CBC W/ DIFF & PLT

(7065) - B-12 & FOLATE

(7573)- IRON,TIBC,

84466(891) – TRANSFERRIN (% SAT)

82728(457) – FERRITIN


84425(922) - VITAMIN B-1 (Thiamin)

84207(926) - VITAMIN B-6 (Pyradoxine)

(921) – VITAMIN A (Retinol)

(311) - CAROTENE

82306(17306) - VITAMIN D,25 HYDROXY, LC, MS, MS

(931) – Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

83735(622) - MAGNESIUM

(5507) - SELENIUM

(945) - ZINC

7444(7444) - THYROID PANEL (T3U, T4, FTI, TSH)

84481(34429) – Free T3

84597(36585) – Vitamin K1

83970(8837) - SERUM INTACT PTH - Parathyroid

82533(367) – CORTISOL, (Serum)

83921(34879)- MMA METHYLMELONIC ACID, (Serum)

83036(496) - HEMOGLOBIN A1C

82525(363) – COPPER, (Serum)

- DEXA SCAN suggested yearly for bone density -

How many of y'all out there get these labs done every 3 months....not me. I've been having them done yearly. Well not anymore. Time to take the bull by the horns. Since I have to deal with this surgery for the rest of my life, I intend to do all I can to make sure my health is the best it can be.

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Wow, that is one seriously powerful post, Bama! Thank you so much for pulling all that information together. You ROCK!