Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's Wrong with Staying Single?

For years I was one of those women who thought she had to have someone in her life to be complete. This belief led me into all sorts of bad relationships. What's up with that??

Why did my whole self worth seem to hinge on whether I was part of a couple or not?

I'm one of those who never does anything half way. When I get involved with someone it is full force from the get go.Yeah, I know not the best way to go. You tend to miss little signals along the way that spell disaster in the end.

That's not the point of this post though. I'm single for the first time in my life and 47 years old to boot. The old me would have been in a severe state of panic by now. Or ready to climb into a dark hole howling "nobody loves me, I am unworthy".

Now I say---YIPEE!!

I'm content for the first time in my life. Granted my life is no bed of roses right now. Some might think having a partner to share it with would make it better. Not necessarily. I have a pretty good support system.My family is literally within shouting distance right out my front door. Plus I have the added benefit of some pretty awesome online friends too.

I suppose you might be wondering what has prompted this post. It doesn't sound like a typical post for me. Let me enlighten you--I'm anything but typical....LOL.

Here's what prompted me to post today. Go have a read. I found it extremely fascinating. Once you get into it....you'll see it really is me.....

AlterNet: Sex and Relationships: What's Wrong with Staying Single?


Cindy Moore said...

Happily single here too.

I live 700+ miles away from family, but have a few friends in the area. Not many, but GOOD ones. I get a chuckle every time one of my family ask if I'm "seeing anyone" and when I say no, I hear "why not"! LOL

I'm living alone for the first time at age 53 (54 next month) and I love it! No one to answer to, no one to worry about! I love it.