Thursday, March 13, 2008

Be a fairy godmother.....

Prom time is approaching. Kate Harding had an excellent idea. Her idea is to help underprivileged girls have the prom of their dreams by donating some of your fancy dress clothes to a local charity like The Glass Slipper Project.

I remember my prom days. My family never had too much money. But my daddy worked 80 hour weeks to keep my younger brother and me in a private school. He wanted us to have the best education we could. Our local school system wasn't too hot at the time. My classmates were all from families who were in several income brackets above mine.

I was never really into a fashion, still not. I was a huge tom-boy, sports playing jock, band/choir nerd, math/science nerd in high school. But I do have my moments when that girly girl decides to pop out.

My mom worked as a beautician. One of my classmates mom came there to get her hair done. She took pity on me and went through her daughter's things to find me a dress. she lugged a half dozen dresses to my mom's shop. My mom is a whiz with a sewing machine. She worked for hours trying to alter those dresses so I would be able to fit them on my chunky body. Even with all her skills. It was useless. There wasn't enough material to go around to make anything wearable.

I was really disappointed. It was looking like I may not get to go to the prom at all. Then the weekend before the prom my mom woke me up early on Saturday morning. We took off to a local town and after trying on what felt like a 1000 dresses we found one that looked good. (I learned years later my dad had got a part-time job at night just to make the money to buy me that dress.)

Growing up the way I did taught me to many things. One being my affinity for fighting for those less fortunate. I would love to be able to make some girl's prom a night to remember for her.

How about you????