Thursday, March 6, 2008

Every Minute Counts

Staggering statistic huh.

I've talked about suicide and mental health quite alot in my blog. I've even touched on the fact that I once found myself in that deep dark pit of despair. Lucky for me, I survived my own suicide attempt. It has caused lasting health issues for me. But I'm still holding on.

The typical person can not grasp why someone would attempt take their own life. You would have to be able to be in that person's shoes to fully grasp what leads most to that. It can't be explained. It has to be experienced to fully grasp it.

I received an email from Jace Freeman the other day. Telling me of a new a grassroots campaign uniting advocates, mental health professionals and organizations into a single coalition creating a public forum advancing the need and benefit of increased mental health research. is a brand new website. This is from their home page.

Today 1,500 Americans will attempt to take their own lives(1). Most will have mental health or addiction issues. Many will have both(2). One out of four adults is affected by a mental health disorder(3). Odds are that most of us have friends or family becoming more desperate with every tick of the clock.

There is a way to stop the ticking. Research. We can defeat mental illness by employing the scientific mind to find individual treatment plans. But the funding is inadequate for an issue that affects every one of us, the 57 million(4) directly or the rest of us through our family and friends. We must declare our concern. Together, we can stop the clock.

Take time to check out their site and get involved in this wonderful new community. There is much to see on the site.