Friday, March 7, 2008

House Passes Mental Health Parity Bill

You helped make history!! Your support for mental health parity helped propel the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act, H.R. 1424, to a historic vote in the House of Representatives where it passed 268-148 on March 5. This first-ever House vote on a comprehensive mental health/addiction parity bill gives our cause new momentum.

Work yet to be done.
But even with this victory, there is still more work to do.
The House-passed measure must now be reconciled with a parity bill already passed by the Senate, S. 558. A final version will have to be approved by both chambers and signed by the President before people living with mental illnesses will finally have the same rights under their insurance plans as individuals with other health conditions.

Take Action!
Write your Senators and Congressmen and urge them to push for enactment of a strong parity bill this year. You can make the difference in delivering that message to your elected officials! Be on the lookout for further updates and opportunities to help us win this long fight.


OhYeahBabe said...

That's a great start, Bama! Thanks for sharing this.
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HoneyBee said...

Thanks Bama for bringing this my attention and following-up with this update.
Each voice is important and I have contacted my two Senators and Congressman on this issue.
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Anonymous said...

for that is a pleasant victory.however the fight is still on.let us join hands to help the people from will really count.these people need our help.think about it...

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