Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bipolar Speaks

A great site was brought to my attention by a fellow blogger. I have just finished reading some of it and felt compelled to write a post. Here's the comment she left on my blog describing the purpose of the site.

Bipolar Speaks said...

Most of you know me as “Dreamwriter.” I recently
Launched a new blog called, “Bipolar Speaks.” One day something came over me as I was reading websites called “Post Secret” and also a blog who had a post where they had quotes from other Bloggers with mental illness about how they felt.

It occurred to me that WE need an escape to let out our feelings and frustrations. I know that a lot of bloggers say what they feel within their own blogs, but you are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

You are welcome to help raise awareness and put a stop to the Stigma that lies within mental illness. We can change the world - one story at a time.

I thought it would be interesting
To design a “Safe Haven” for those who battle with a Mental Illness; and allow them to come and let out their most darkest, painful, and emotional feelings. This would be a great way to spread awareness by letting society know what is REAL about mental illness.

If you are interested, you can submit a story or short piece as an “Anonymous” contributor, or if you don‘t care about what others think, then feel free to reveal your blogger identity; its purely up to you.. I tried this several times and the “Anonymous” button works and ends up in my email as an “Anonymous” comment.

The rules and regulations are in the blog within a post. Take the time to read them thoroughly and I hope that you become a constant contributor.

Remember, we all have things on our chest to let out and we all truly don’t want others to know. But now is an opportunity for YOU to speak up, speak out, and be heard!

I know that I have a lot of feelings and issues that I don’t want my husband, friends, or family to know about…this is my chance to get it off my chest and I WILL be a constant contributor.

Depending on the issue, I might submit the story under both “anonymous” and my name.
Go to “Bipolar Speaks” and look around, don’t forget to display the Bipolar Speaks button on your blog and link it back to us.

By the way, I still have my other blog, so don’t forget about me over there, too. :)

I will probably work on a post of my own for this. For those who read this blog know I'm pretty open about my mental illness. I am also a staunch advocate for change in many mental health policies. I feel our voices need to be heard. Even if you don't have a Bipolar diagnosis, take the time to read some of the posts. It might just enlighten you. you can access the site by clicking the button.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so, so, so much for this. I really appreciate it. I am a She though..LOL!

And I have another blog called, "Coming Out of the Dark."

Thanks again, and I linked you!

BamaGal said...

thank you for bringing your site to my attention. I'm always willing to support anything positive in the mental health blogging community.

sorry about the typo--of course your a She--