Monday, June 16, 2008

Vote to Stop Abuse in Teen Residential Programs

The House will vote next week on legislation to stop child abuse and neglect at boot camps, wilderness camps, and behavior modification facilities that work with children who have behavioral, emotional, or mental health problems. While tens of thousands of teens attend private residential programs, many go unregulated, allowing practices ranging from sexual abuse to denying youth food, water, shelter or medical care as a disciplinary measure to go unchecked. H.R. 5876, the "Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2008,” would set critically-needed standards to keep children safe, prevent deceptive marketing of these programs, monitor compliance, and set penalties for violations. With the help of all Advocacy Network members, we can put an end to these shocking practices. Please ask your representative to vote for H.R. 5876.

Please Act Today!

Urge your Representative to support H.R. 5876 by voting yes when the bill is considered on the House floor (week of June 16th).

Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Representative's
office. You can also call your Representative's direct lines, available on his
or her website through or send a send a message today!


Annie said...

I agree with your concerns with teens in residential programs. Several years ago I worked as therapist in a facility in Wisconsin. It is no longer in existence which is a good thing. I was so upset with the treatment that I challenged the administration. No positive changes except the kids knew they had an advocate. I left that line of work,too upsetting and not enough improvements. Excellent post, keep up the good work! Annie

indie pride said...

Hello Annie!

I used to work with a similar bootcamp as you have mentioned in your blog, where I was a volunteer.

It was very difficult for me to see that it wasn't rehabilitative at all. Many people take this for granted, thinking that only the cause serves as the treatment.

Please write more things such as this so that it may reach family members and their challenged loved one.. as well as the volunteers who keep on working without actually ensuring that they are giving such meaning to their goal.

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