Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feeling better....

AAAAHHHHH...feeling much better....thank goddess.

I've finally kicked the flu and the Lyrica the neuro doc put me on for the fibro is working wonders. I've only had a few days of break through pain since beginning the 150mg twice a day level. Lyrica is one of those meds that has to be started off at smaller doses and gradually increase until on the full amount.

I resceduled the next dental owrk for December. Figured I'd give my body time to heal more thoroughly. Also my son will be here Thanksgiving day. Didn't want to be in pain, foul mood for his visit.

My neuro doc scheduled me for some physical therapy. After fighting with the insurance company for approval, I have my first session next week. They are suppose to do some deep muscle massage and teach me some stretching exercises to do at home. The doc recommended for me to return to the Y for some of their warm water aerobics classes. These are suppose to be good for the pain too.

Have been following along with all the election stuff. Guess y'all can guess who I'll be voting for since apparently I'm a socialist. So guess I'll be voting for the Obama/Biden ticket. Big surprise huh. Speaking of the election, I'm reading a bunch off different blogs. One of the commenters here, Oh Yeah Babe, clued me to a great blog. It is friggin hilarious. Y'all have got to check it out, Margaret and Helen.

What happened to fall, y'all. Our weather went straight from summer to winter. We had temps here last week in the high 80's. Next week we've got a freeze warning for a couple of nights. It only got up to the high 50's here today. I've been freezing my butt off all day. We usually have temps in the high 60's low 70's around this time of year. The fall leaves aren't even that pretty this year. They are going straight from green to brown. No pretty golds and reds like they are suppose to be. I am not looking forward to winter. Since my WLS, I stay cold most of the time anyway. Looks like this year I'll be living in sweats and thermal underwear.

I told you my son will be here Thanksgiving day. He's gonna visit for 2 weeks this year. I can't wait to see him. It's hard only seeing him once a year. We do talk on the phone alot. He gets just as manic as I do at times. It makes for a pretty interesting conversation. Talk about "flight of ideas", our talks are all over the place. They also go on for several hours sometimes. I'll be doing tons of cooking while he's here. Coming home is a big comfort food time for him. There are meals from his childhood he just has to have. Hey, what can I say, I'm a great cook. He's a pretty good cook in his own right. His girlfriend is not allowed in their kitchen. He does all the cooking. But hell, he's been cooking since he was knee high to a grasshopper. He made his first dish at the age of 2. Granted I helped but he still remembers it.

I tend to get manic right before he gets here and stay that way while he's here. Then of course every manic episode is followed by the equal and opposite depressive episode. Between my pdoc and therapist, we are trying to head that off. I've been using my light box for 2 months now. Plus am taking mega doses of Vitamin D. Can't let the SAD get me too bad this year. My panic attacks have increased lately too. Not a good sign. They get bad when I'm you can see by this post I'm manic. I'm all over the place with topics....LOL. Anyhoo...I've resorted to one of my old tricks to distract me from the panic attacks. It's the rubber band method. I wear a rubber band on my wrist and when the attacks start, I pop the rubber band continuyously on my wrist. This helps by distracting me and keeping the attack from escalating. If you suffer with panic attacks try this. It may just work for you too.

Well, Ive written to play with the pooch....he's another distraction when I'm having panic attacks. Y'all take care.


OhYeahBabe said...

I'm so, so glad that you are feeling better, Bama. Good idea about the vitamin D - I need to do the same! We never see the sun here in the winter.

I hope you continue to get stronger and that your physical and emotional health stabilize.

I love Margaret & Helen's post about poor people - I think it was yesterday.

Yust Yucky said...

{{{Bama!}}} You are an inspiration! I'm so glad you're feeling better and it's wondering that your dear Son will be spending Thanksgiving with you! awww!

Enjoy every moment making happy memories -- those memories are treasure that you and he both can hold on to through all the years ahead.

I appreciate so much the information about health (especially the Vitamin D info!) at the board, and am wishing you all the best of health and happiness.


kure4boredom said...

Well well. It's good to see my mother talking so highly of my visit, considering I am usually a nervous wreck myself in the weeks prior to making the trip home. And yes, our phone conversations tend to cover any and all subjects that come to mind, so they can be all over the place.

This is my first time reading this blog. (I was actually searching for some kind of IM link so I could tell you to get off the computer and answer your phone :) ) I will be bookmarking this and checking back regularly if we don't talk often enough. But with you getting the internet/phone/cable package, I believe you will be calling me a lot more anyway.

Thought I'd leave my mark here in your blog world. Love ya, see you soon.

-Your Loving Son