Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm still here...

Yeah, I'm still around, barely. This past month has really been trying for me. I've only had the energy to put up a minimum of posts. Just though I would bring yo up to speed on me.

I finally have all my teeth pulled. The dentist even scraped the jaw bone to get it even for when I'm fitted with dentures. That's when my problems started. I don't heal well because of poor nutritional status after the WLS. So the jaw bone ended up getting infected even though the dentist had me on mega doses of antibiotics. I ended up having to have IV antibiotics for a week. My PCP office did them for me. I looked horrible. My face was swollen and bruised. Loooked like I had been in a bar room brawl. Let's not forget the severe pain. Was given some major drugs for that too.

Went to see the neurologist. The fibro diagnosis is official now. She put me on some more major drugs as well as a pain patch. So needless to say I've been in a drug induced stupor for awhile now.

Had my yearly flu shot. It worked great. I got the flu. Been battling it for nearly 2 weeks now. So you see why I have not posted too much. My doc finally had to give me a round of steroids in addition to the other drugs to fight off the flu. I'm finally feeling like a human somewhat.

I have another appointment with the dentist, to scrape and shape my upper jaw, on the 29th. Don't think I'll make it. My body just can't take the added abuse right now. So I'll be rescheduling.

Awwww......WLS......I did it so I'd be healthier....yeah right.


Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

Oh wow. I'm so very sorry to hear this Bama! You are in my prayers. I don't blame you for postponing your next appointment. I'd be scared to death. You really need to build up your immune system before subjecting yourself to all that again.
My sister-in-law (not legally, but she mothered my niece) just had WLS. I tried to point her towards lc first, but she'd have none of it. I even explained that she'd have to eat lC after the surgery anyway, so why not try it first. Nope. No go. I worry about her future health now...

OhYeahBabe said...

Oh dear God, Bama! What a nightmare. I would love for you to get 'better enough' for the next procedure in time to not reschedule it, just to get closer to the finish line. But Amy's right - building your strength and immunity is better, even if it means dragging this nightmare out.

I really pray that they can get your pain under control, as that's key to letting your body recover in other ways.

I will pray for you, Bama. You have come so far - I want to see you break through these obstacles and finally be healthy again!

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